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Interior design of a large room

The vast majority of architects today follow the trend of designing large rooms. The term great room is used to indicate the combination in which the living room, dining room, and kitchen are united into one large great room. However, for the owners of the newly designed house, the biggest challenge is the interior design of the great room, or to be more precise, the combined design of the three separate entities. Each of the three rooms should have an individual color and ambiance, though when combined they should blend seamlessly into a cohesive room. To achieve this, homeowners can hire an interior designer, or they can let their imagination run wild and find a solution that is personal and reflects their style, needs and requirements.

Interior design: the splash of color in the great room
When a person has been presented with the possibility of designing a great room, they can feel overwhelmed by the possible choice, especially if that person has no experience. However, the key to creating a successful and visually appealing great room interior design is to start designing each room separately. You should always start with the colors of each room, keeping in mind that the colors should complement each other and unify the environment. Colors always look different in printed brochures and when painted on the wall, so it’s best if the designer tries stripes of different shades of color on one wall. Built-in pop-up features of the house (such as the fireplace) should always be painted a bold color to serve as the main color theme.

Interior Design: The Overwhelming Pattern Trap
The interior design of the great room is one of the most important aspects of truly feeling at home. If you design it to look like one of the images published in various magazines, you may find it completely attractive, but not functional. If you try to follow the latest trends and use a strong pattern for dining room chairs, you can soon feel that the chairs are taking center stage in the room, distracting from the vastness of the room and pointing to a single element. This obstacle it can be easily overcome by making a detailed plan of the furniture the owners intend to buy, taking photos and combining them into one big picture. This way they can get a complete idea of ​​the final look and can decide if the particular piece of furniture suits the place or suffocates it.

Interior design: the furniture
The large room looks inviting and eye-catching if it is not loaded with furniture, as furniture has a tendency to visually diminish the room as a whole. The usual traffic patterns need to be taken into account when homeowners are planning the interior design of the room, as later on they may find themselves with the constant movement of certain pieces of furniture that serve a decorative purpose, but clearly get in the way. to the kitchen or dining room table.

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