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Is Cat Food Bad For Dogs Kidneys?

Cat Food Bad For Dogs

In a recent article on WebMD, several questions were raised about the effects of commercial brand food on canine kidney problems. Many pet owners are quick to change brands when they notice dog urine in the stool or when there is pain in the abdomen. But is cat food bad for dogs kidneys? And if so, is there anything you can do about it?

The kidney is the body’s filter and the majority of the water used in the body is stored in the kidney. Cats and dogs use different kinds of water based on how they feel day to day. When considering is cat food bad for dogs kidneys? check the ingredients. Many brands, even ones that claim to be natural, contain byproducts, a high level of salt and other additives that can damage the kidneys and create kidney failure, one of the primary symptoms of kidney failure.

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While the kidneys are not involved in making the food we eat, they are essential for filtering out toxins from the blood and excreting them through urination. If the food we eat is predominantly proteins, fats and sugars, it will also have a negative effect on the health of our organs, and our blood. While the symptoms of a cat kidney problem can be similar to that of chronic kidney failure, which can be fatal, feline kidney problems rarely become this severe unless the problem is very severe.

Is Cat Food Bad For Dogs Kidneys?

Diet is just one of the contributing factors to kidney problems in cats. Another problem is that canned food, particularly dry food, contains a lot of sodium. This is one of the highest levels of sodium anywhere in the human body. While the kidneys are not directly responsible for excreting sodium, they are not able to do it effectively in cats either, since canned food tends to contain a lot of fat and salt.

There is another question that you need to ask yourself when considering the question of is cat food bad for dogs kidneys? This is – Are there other things that I can do to help my pet avoid these issues? Cats, like most animals, enjoy a wide variety of foods, especially natural foods that contain meat, vegetables and fruits. Many people who think they’re feeding their pets commercial brand cat food actually buy what they can, and turn to canned cat food to supplement what they’re getting at the grocery store. Unfortunately, canned food is very low in nutrition, and if given to our four legged friends as opposed to the premium brand, can cause a condition called hypokalemia.

Hypokalemia is a condition where the potassium in your cat’s diet becomes too low. The body is not capable of producing enough potassium to properly perform its functions. Symptoms of this condition include lethargy, excessive thirst, weakness and frequent urination. When this happens, you should get your pet to the vet right away and begin to administer potassium supplements. However, if you’re using premium canned food and don’t supplement it with fish or meat products, you’ll have to take steps to correct your pet’s diet.

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