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Jobs in the Tiles Factory in Morbi, Gujarat

Jobs in the Tiles Factory

The next big thing in the global tile market is Morbi Tiles, and in 2019 they are set to export to 163 countries! The Morbi region is well positioned to be a tile outsourcing zone, with many global and domestic brands based there. GSPC has recently installed a PNG gas line in the region, a critical cost factor in manufacturing tiles. The tile industry is located within 180 km of the Kandla and Mundra ports, which should make transportation a breeze. Morbi Tiles will not only be competitive in price, but will generate many jobs over the next 10 years.

There are a lot of career opportunities for individuals looking for a career in the ceramic tile industry in Morbi. The town of Morbi is a thriving center of the industry, offering a variety of design options. It has become an important hub for the industry due to its extensive production capacity. Job opportunities in this town include production, installation, and sales of tiles. Interested individuals should visit the town to learn more about the employment opportunities available.

If you are looking for a career in the tiles factory industry, you should know the average salaries for Morbi employees. According to Indeed data, the average salary for Tiles Zone Marketing Executive at Morbi is INR 13,769 per month. This is 11% below the national average. We analyzed 6 data points to calculate the average salary in tiles factory in morbi. Please note that the figures below are based on third-party submissions and may not be accurate. Please consult the employer directly for an accurate salary estimate.

Jobs in the Tiles Factory in Morbi, Gujarat

The ceramic industry of Morbi is growing at a rapid rate, with the state’s exports in June 2021 projected to be over two million square metres, or approximately 1600 containers. The industry’s growth has ripple effects on other sectors such as digital ink factories, glaze powder, truck owners, and packaging. The one-month shutdown of a Morbi tile factory has forced the district’s truck owners to close their dispatch operations.

Morbi, Gujarat: A month-long shutdown of the largest ceramic tiles manufacturing cluster in India is scheduled to begin in August. The reason for this action is the fact that demand for ceramic tiles is expected to decline due to a glut in the market due to the increased capacity. Moreover, a large number of workers are facing a loss in the last few months, putting the local economy at risk.

There are many reasons to work in the ceramics industry. Morbi, a city in Saurashtra, Gujarat, is a growing hub of ceramics production. There are more than eight hundred tile factories in the Morbi region, and about 20 new ones are being built each year. The Morbi region is home to a diverse set of industries, from the manufacturing of Kajaria tiles to exporting to markets in the Middle East.

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