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Key Players in Planning an Effective Business Continuity Plan

The year 2020 had become one of the most critical years for any type of business, large or small. All types of industries suffered significant losses. Families lost loved ones. Employees lost their jobs. In fact, it is like an endless series of unfortunate events. Fortunately, some business companies have their BCP (Business Continuity Plan) which can hopefully address problems encountered during natural disasters.

A business continuity plan can be compared to a contingency plan. It is a plan, designed specifically for your business, that should contain the necessary steps on how to proceed and ensure that your business continues to function during and after a natural disaster. It’s strategic planning, operational planning, and financial planning all rolled into one. It is something that should involve all the departments of your business, and when I say “all departments”, I mean that ALL aspects of your business must be adequately represented in the generation of your BCP.

The following are just examples of the people who should be involved in planning:

Security and protection personnel

In times of natural disasters, the first responders are security and protection personnel. They help employees during natural disasters. They examine safety, health maintenance, and disease and accident prevention. Their role is the most critical during crisis intervention and disaster prevention.


The most important aspect of a company is its employees. When your employees get sick, your workforce to generate the desired result suffers, whether in quality or quantity. When your employees get sick because you did not solve the problems raised, you will have legal problems or suffer employee turnover. This also applies to procrastination in taking action on the issues raised. For example, a highly communicable disease was identified and one of its employees was identified as having originated it. Not only do you need to be concerned about containing the information, but you also need to be actively concerned about ensuring that no additional employees get the disease.

Department of Finance

All plans require a specific amount of resources to ensure their implementation. These people know how much they are allowed to spend, the maximum reasonable amount to spend, to ensure that the business continues to operate.

Take a step back. Did you involve these people in the generation of your business continuity plan? It can be a tedious task for you to gather the ideas of these people, however, with the right mindset, you will come out with a detailed plan of “everything” and “everyone” taken into consideration. Don’t be afraid to plan. Instead, you should worry about not having a plan when the time comes.

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