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Key qualities for judges to be SUPREME

The most discussed topic, in recent news, even during a news cycle, dominated by rhetoric, promise and vitriol, has been the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Kennedy, and the possibilities (positive and negative) that this could create. Unfortunately, because we have witnessed such an adverse political climate for the last year and a half or so (or even longer), this has become a political question, where in an ideal world, it should focus, on finding the most qualified, service-based individual to advance to such an important position. What should be the qualities that we seek, for the judges, to be SUPREME? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, consider, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what we need and deserve from these people.

1. Service; sustainable; solutions: A Supreme Court Justice must emphasize the relevant and sustainable service, based on the premises of liberty and justice, that have distinguished America, from the majority, from the rest of the year! We must have hope in people, who see obstacles and conflicts as challenges, and focus on just and viable solutions, for the better!

two. Useful; usable: How should someone serve in a useful way? How will they consider relevant issues, in a focused way, based on a usable application of the United States Constitution?

3. Priorities; planning; possibilities: How will a prospective judge, consider the possibilities, focus on effective planning, respect the process and realize the priorities, should he focus on the Greater good, rather than any political agenda and / or self-interest?

Four. Relevant; sensitive; realistic: Each decision will have both a relevant consequence and a long-term one, sustainable (or not)! It should be the responsibility of the Supreme Court to be consistent and responsive to what liberties and liberties demand, and how best to interpret the laws, the Constitution, and our American way.

5. Empathic; to enrich: One of the biggest challenges is that judges often exist, in a vacuum, with little contact, with real people! How can they consistently make important decisions, unless they consider how best to be empathetic and enrich our citizens (all of them, not just those of a specific political persuasion)?

6. Make a mark; to motivate: Everything, a Supreme Court judge, and general court decisions will leave a mark, for better or for worse! For example, if all the polls clearly indicate that the vast majority of Americans believe in the right of women to choose, and President Trump claims that, for seemingly political reasons, she will only select a judge named Pro-Life. Regardless, even though this issue has been the law of the land for decades, why would most Americans trust the system? The Court must motivate Americans to firmly believe in the fairness of our systems!

7. Illustrated; Excellence: We need judges, who are enlightened and fair, rather than just playing politics. Since these individuals serve, either for life or until they retire, shouldn’t they be focused on excellence, without fear of politics, but rather focused on the best and fairest solutions for all?

A Supreme Court Justice must truly become SUPREME, The best way possible! Every American must demand this commitment!

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