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Kids Karaoke Birthday Party: 10 Tips for Planning a Singing-Themed Event

Karaoke isn’t just for adults, so what’s stopping you from planning a kids karaoke birthday party except not knowing what to do? The karaoke themed birthday party for your children is a good alternative to the usual birthday parties where clowns and board games are used.

According to research, a kids’ karaoke birthday party is ideal for kids ages seven and up. It seems that the children who are madly in love with their favorite singers are the ones who appreciate this party plan much more.

Here are the tips to plan your kids karaoke birthday party.

1. Prepare a good karaoke machine. If you don’t have your own machine at home, you can opt to buy a machine designed for children that already has CDs with songs from the biggest music stars.

two. Prepare a guest list. What’s a kids karaoke birthday party without your kids’ friends from when they were kids, so you need to ask them to list who they’d like to attend? Since younger children usually come with their parents in tow, you can scan your guest list and ask ahead of time for parents who are willing to help, after all, children are sometimes difficult to handle alone.

3. karaoke party decorations. They are optional, but if you have a theme in mind, choose decorations that depend on the theme. Some theme ideas apart from popular kids shows like Hannah Montana and Camp Rock are Disney cartoons like Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and more.

After choosing the theme for your kids karaoke birthday party, you can research the right type of decorations to use. You can even extend the theme to party invitations.

Four. Karaoke party songs. Ask or learn what your children love to hear. You can also find soundtracks of shows that your kids love to watch i.e. Hannah Montana and then find songs from this show.

5. Let your guests know if they should wear costumes. These are entirely up to you, but they are great for making kids feel completely at one with the theme. For this, you can ask the children to dress according to their favorite character or simply to dress according to the theme.

6. Prepare prizes. This will entice party guests to join in, even if they’re pretty shy. You can organize a singing contest for children and give the highest prize to the winner.

7. Prepare a gift bag. This is what most children look for when they attend children’s parties.

8. Prepare delicious food that both children and adults. Remember that you not only have children guests, you also have parents guests.

9. Also prepare your trust camera. If you don’t want the fun and smiles to be lost forever, assign someone to take pictures of the event.

10 At the children’s karaoke birthday party, no pressure. Some children are naturally shy until they sing their first song. If you notice no one is holding the mic you can start singing yourself and after a while all the kids will follow and then you can play the KJ.

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