Kindle eBook Reader: Downloads Just Got Easier
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Kindle eBook Reader: Downloads Just Got Easier

The news that came out yesterday that by 2010 Internet speeds are going to drop due to high volume usage was very interesting to me. The dire prediction by some analysts is that the rise of video-intensive services could slow broadband down to the old days of dial-up.

I believe that with the technology at our fingertips, this problem will undoubtedly be solved by someone. Cable and phone companies will have to invest billions of dollars to keep up with demand and avoid a slowdown. The increase in music, video and photo streaming will contribute to massive traffic. Apparently the monthly estimate for a video service today is 27 petabytes, which works out to 27 million gigabytes a month. That’s the first time I’ve heard of a petabyte. E-books weren’t mentioned in the predictions. E-book downloading is a relatively small part of the book market today. The increased availability of eBooks is something I have written about before in other articles. As e-book downloading becomes more popular, this will certainly contribute to the expected increase in web traffic.

The e-book reader is a relatively unpopular device compared to the storage devices available for downloading music. One issue with buying e-books in bulk is where you store them and how you can conveniently access them.

So, one of the big companies announced yesterday that a new e-book called Kindle is now available. You no longer need a PC to download e-books. You can purchase, download and store up to 200 books as well as magazines on this portable wireless device. You can also download blogs and even newspapers. Kindle ebook reader will make the internet busier.

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