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Kitchen Escape: The Definition of a Great Hood Cleaning Company

A large hood cleaning company launched the kitchen exhaust cleaning process described in our other articles.

They clean up all the clutter and take more time to pay attention to problem areas and water buildup under your kitchen equipment.

Any worthwhile hood cleaning company will dry the range hood by hand with a towel or rags. As you do so, you completely remove all the water from the hood and then shine it with a stainless steel polish.

If this final process is done correctly, your hood will shine. My men take pride in their work and are proficient in how clearly reflections can be seen on the hood. This can only be achieved with the drying and shine process.

Access panels must be opened and any large amount of accumulated grease must be removed by hand. There are a lot of lazy technicians and this is the first thing to be skipped in most cases. This is unfortunate since most restaurant owners do not know how the kitchen exhaust system works. Skipping this part of the cleaning process will eventually form a fire hazard and no one needs it. Especially when it is easily avoided.

The fans must be rotated to allow access to the fan blades for cleaning. Most kitchen exhaust fires start with the fan. What happens is that if grease-laden vapors build up on the fan blades and a bearing becomes loose or the fan blades go out of operation during normal operation, sparks can be produced which, in turn, ignite the grease. If this happens, say goodbye to your restaurant, as the fat burns so much that it can destroy almost everything in your kitchen.

This is why it is so important that you hire a great hood cleaning company that does the job right. I cannot stress this fact enough. If you ever want to review NFPA 96 codes and standards, you can view them on my website.

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