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La Balade des Gnomes, to change the universe

Want to offer a very original gift in this special year? The hotel La Balade des Gnomes, in the Durbuy region, is undoubtedly a good way to change air by allowing you to dive into another universe. And that’s saying something!

“The 4 corners of the planet are redesigned in a magical and magical world. We welcome you! ” sing Nathalie Neufcoeur and her husband Dominique who welcome us at the entrance. Welcome to their world.

Here, we go from a “Lord of the Rings” style decor to an African hut without being shocked. “I love the unknown and the subsoil of our planet earth. It allows to imagine and then to tell simple and kind stories. In short, we create different spaces and we give people a little dream, especially in this gloomy period, she said again, showing us the dozen unusual homes built in wood. The shape of most of them? Caravans, like those used by Travelers, but decorated in house. Or this giant horse, Trojan horse style, which can accommodate several people. Nowhere else will you see such achievements. Meticulous work, patience and carried out by enthusiasts. The result is stunning.

“The clientele is varied: with a lot of couples who come as a couple and quite a few young people. Which is quite surprising. As if they didn’t want to grow up, ”smiles Dominique. It is notably he who designs and builds these cabins. “In a room, there must be at least twenty different elements that compose it: beds, wardrobes, tables, chairs, mirror… All noble materials, such as clay, leather, straw, lime, iron, copper or even lead adorn homes. It is thanks to a few second-hand dealers that we obtain the decorations. We pay attention to detail. You have to know how to open your eyes to spot hidden secrets (laughs). Many customers often tell us: we hadn’t seen it at first sight! ”

The price varies between 140 and 265 euros per night, depending on the room chosen. The icing on the cake, the restaurant next to this site belongs to our couple: la Marmitte des Trolls.

“With the virus, we had to close it, but we first prepare and then deliver meals to the accommodation. Foie gras, fish casserole, wild boar stew, etc. there is something for everyone ”, they conclude. Good news, there are still free cabins for the end of year celebrations!


La Balade des Gnomes (unusual accommodation)

Rowe dè Rèmoleû 20, 6941 Heyd

Telephone:: 0472 20 86 23


Open every day of the week + WE


12 rooms / 12 different names: the legend of the Trolls, the Trojan Horse, The Cabin in the Forest, etc… Price between 160 and 265 euros. See info and conditions on the site.


Bus: line 11/3

Car: Bomal / Barvaux, take the Heyd direction (12 min).

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