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Launching a Nanny Background Check: There’s No Easy Source of Answers

In a world where childminders run amok out of control, in a world where priests are often accused of crimes against children, you can never feel comfortable hiring the services of a nanny for your child. before running a background check. Of course, a babysitter background check is offered as one of the most important situations in life that could require one of these checks. However, in general, background checks should be an important part of any employment process. It keeps people safe from the dangers of hiring someone unknown.

Of course, a regular nanny background check will cost you something, usually around $50 for each check. You can take a page out of the rule book that landlords follow and collect the background check fee from any babysitter who shows up for an interview. After all, if you interview 10 babysitters for the job, that $50 background check fee could add up fast. Still, as legitimate a charge as it is, it’s not fair to charge a job seeker something as substantial as $50. If you could pay for it yourself, you could probably use it as a deduction when it comes time to file taxes.

When it comes to a nanny background check, the most important type you can have done is a criminal background check. While it sounds impressive to simply enter a person’s name into a computer to check for a questionable record, the criminal record system in the United States is not unified. Each state has its own registration database. And even if you’re trying to find a person’s record for a specific state, there are many that don’t allow it at all. Some require you to provide fingerprints. About the only reliable way to run a criminal background check may be to hire a private investigator. However, this costs something substantial.

A brief log check is something you can do a little more easily. These are records that are in the public domain, and you can easily go to your local courthouse and see if they have anything in their indexes. You need to search at the county level to get reliable information. Simply searching at the state level will not work. Counties are often required to report all of their cases to state courts.

An easy way to get a lot of information about a person online is to check their Social Security number. You get information about where the person lives and has lived in the past, and it doesn’t cost much. Another easy source of information is a potential babysitter’s driving record. DMV driving records are in the public domain, and for a modest fee of around $20, you can usually get your babysitter’s record. After all, a careless driving record is a great sign that a person isn’t really as responsible as they seem.

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