Leye makes three changes per game on average

Look at the choices made by Mbaye Leye for his first 15 meetings in T1.

The word that most qualifies the Rouches season is undoubtedly: inconstancy. Standard is capable of both the best and the worst in the same week, as when he eliminated Club Brugge in the quarter-finals of the Cup before falling to the red lantern of Mouscron.

Since his arrival, Mbaye Leye has been trying to find the right formula. We thought that the Liège technician had achieved it after a 12 out of 12, but the Lieges too quickly fell into line and their coach, him, multiplied the changes in his training to rectify the situation. This is what is immediately obvious when you take a look at the Technician’s 11 base since his arrival.

He only renewed the same 11 once

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