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Make your writing effortless

Writing doesn’t have to be difficult; in fact, it can be as easy and natural as a spoken conversation. Every writer struggles at first to develop creativity and fluency; Use the following seven tips to sharpen your talent and reach your goals.

1. Bring a notebook

Carry a notebook with you at all times; when inspiration strikes, sixteen and your notebook with both hands. All writers recommend keeping a notebook; use it to surreptitiously jot down thoughts whenever and wherever they appear.

Jack Kerouac, the main writer of the Beat movement of the 50s and 60s, a nickname and an eminence with which he felt deeply uncomfortable, he carried one everywhere, he always drew poetry and novels to be in the most unlikely places: “Notebooks scrawled secrets and wild typed pages, for your own joy, “in his words. Likewise, Walt Whitman, 19th century ‘Father of American Poetry’ and inspiration for Kerouac, who went a step further and brought a complete manuscript, a paperweight-sized package that would one day become his “Leaves of Grass.”

2. But use it in the right place

Interestingly, this often revised and reworked masterpiece was the cause of Whitman’s firing from at least one job: fired from the Department of the Interior by an enraged employer upon closer inspection of the “paperwork” on his desk. Which suggests that some places are better to write than others, although in Whitman’s defense, most writers can relate to the truth that inspiration can arise in the most unexpected places.

3. make writing a good habit

Writing is a good habit that can benefit from a little encouragement. To this end, many writers recommend a specific place to write, almost like a meditation sanctuary, dedicated to this inspiring solo practice. For some, a specific time of day is conducive: a daily regimen such as eating, sleeping, and exercising. Creativity can wax and wane like the passing of the moon; take the time and place of writing as two aids to help the clouds obstruct the separation.

4. Regularity strengthens the muscles of writing.

Try to write every day, without thinking or judging the quality you produce. Writing is like a creative flow; It won’t start if you don’t turn on the tap. One method is to write like a river breaking its dam, the words spilling onto the paper in front of you. Follow the flow of rivers as far as you can, and over time the distance you travel will grow. Don’t look at the banks or rocks of this metaphorical river in front of you; it flows like water, always in motion.

5. Writing is like meditating

Writing can be like the act of meditation itself, a secret known to centuries of haiku poets who were also meditators and practiced it as such. Write regularly, silently and with a one-way approach to achieve your goal. In addition, the discipline of regular practice, as in meditation, fosters a deeper and deeper flow of creativity and a more fruitful and productive experience.

6. Suspend critical thinking

Suspend judgment for a first draft, even if your mind screams that you are misspelling. More important is writing, writing, writing; Regardless of quality, let the words spill onto the page; revision and polishing are for a later date. The editing process is a different mindset than writing, requiring creativity to flow directed but unhindered; For the sake of creativity, put aside this most critical part of your being. Not surprisingly, professional writing rarely sees the occupations of writer and editor in one person.

7. Exercise your body, not your mind

Running, and exercise in general, will help you write. Meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy calls running meditation for the body; clears the mind and purifies the emotions like a breath of fresh air, dispelling anger and depression like clouds in the sky. Negative qualities are anathema to creativity: it is the total opposite pole; take physical exercise as a simple tool to clear the way when you are writing. It also makes a good time.

Writing is like running in a sense; The hardest part is getting going, but once you get started, it builds momentum that will carry you forward. Give in to this and your writing may one day become effortless.

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