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Male Menopause and Adultery: Do You Need a Doctor or a Lawyer?

They come to my office regularly. Women in their late 40s who have been married for 20 years or more, have grown children and what appears to be a happy and stable family life, who have suddenly been told by their husband that they want a divorce. I call them victims of male menopause.

It used to refer to male menopause as a mid-life crisis, but more recently even the medical profession has begun to take it seriously as a real physical and psychological condition. Married women will recognize many symptoms in their husbands that can now be attributed to medical conditions such as Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome; fatigue, irritability, weight gain, and reduced libido (often resulting in a complete cessation of any sexual life for the couple).

The symptoms that can often be the most bothersome are the psychological ones. When you start hitting the gym after years of not exercising or start to dye your gray hair, you may want to pay attention. Of course, this could just be a healthy effort to take care of himself, but it could also be an attempt to make himself more attractive to the opposite sex in an effort to regain his youthful vigour. We all know the clichés of men buying sports cars or motorcycles for the same reasons, but the really dangerous symptoms to watch out for are changing your socializing habits with that new group of friends, working late at the office, and hiding credit card bills.

In many cases, unfortunately, this behavior ends with him having an affair, often with a much younger trophy girlfriend. It may seem crazy to outsiders to walk away from a long-established family and give up everything the couple has built together, but it’s all too common.

The cost of moving away from a family can, in some cases, be a hefty divorce settlement in favor of the wife, in addition to ongoing child support.

Make no mistake that this type of behavior is exclusive to middle-aged men; Many women follow the same path in an attempt to fight the aging process and recapture their youth.

Of course it doesn’t have to turn out that way. Spotting the early signs of her husband’s problems can give you an opportunity to support him and address them within the relationship, before she does something irreversible. It is always worth considering marriage counseling or other forms of therapy. Adultery does not always spell the end of a marriage, but it is certainly one of the top reasons cited when filing for divorce.

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