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Men’s Guide to Buying Women’s Lingerie

Well guys, this one is for you. Just like flowers and candy, shopping for lingerie is something you’ve heard romantic men do for their ladies. Think of it as a rite of passage. However, steps must be taken to tread carefully. Done inappropriately, this romantic gesture can be misconstrued as selfish.

To pull off this gift smoothly, you really need to know your lady well. Is she the type of woman who is romantic and would really appreciate the gift? Or is she the kind of woman who would laugh in your face and say “in your dreams”? And frankly, let’s examine that statement. Is it simply your desire that she wear something sexy to bed? If so, then the gift is primarily for you and she will most likely see through your ruse.

If you’re really convinced that she’ll appreciate the gift, by all means, go shopping for her lingerie. First, you will need to know what size she is. This is pretty easy to figure out. She goes to look in her underwear drawer and reads the size labels. Find her bra size and her panty size. Bra sizing is easy. It is made up of the band size and the cup size. However, the panties can be in small, medium, large and extra size. These letters are not always accurate so check more panties to see if they have a number as these are more accurate. Always check more than a couple of pieces to ensure consistency in size. Write this information.

Next, take a look at your closet. This will give you an indication of your style preferences. Look at her casual, business and dressy clothes. What is the overall color scheme? Do you like any form of pattern? Do your clothes define a classic look or offer a touch of romance? Get an idea in your head of what your lady might like. Write this down.

Finally, he finds a full-length photo of her to take to the lingerie store. Given her observations, ask the seller to help you. Chances are she has more than enough information to guide her.

The gift of lingerie should never be delivered simply in a box. To get the full effect, the right atmosphere must be present. Take your lady out to dinner or maybe dine indoors with candlelight setting the mood. After dinner, and after a while of relaxation, give the box to your wife but without expectations. Given your kindness throughout the day, your gift should be very well received. What happens next is up to you!

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