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Milo Rau launches film with black Jesus

On April 1, the NTGent will release ‘The New Gospel’, a modern gospel by director Milo Rau with a black Jesus in the lead.

Artistic director Milo Rau of NTGent is never short of a stunt. For his play ‘Mystic Lamb’ he wanted to cast returned Syria fighters. In ‘Family’, an entire family takes life on stage. In his new film ‘The New Gospel’, about the New Testament, the Swiss performs a black Jesus. That would be the first time in European film history.

The film was shot in the southern Italian town of Matera. Pier Paolo Pasolini and Mel Gibson also filmed the life of Jesus in Matera. With its white cave houses and narrow streets, the Unesco-protected town is very reminiscent of Jerusalem.

The trailer of ‘The New Gospel’.

In Rau’s film adaptation of the New Testament, Jesus is an activist who stands up for the rights of illegal workers exploited in a mafia-run agricultural system. Many of the workers are refugees from Africa with nowhere to go.

Catholic Church

The New Gospelis both a live recording of the film and a look behind the scenes. We see Jesus grow in his role as he prepares his followers for the social struggle in between.

The film will have its world premiere next week. “What makes me most happy is that the film has an effect,” says Milo Rau in a press release from the NTGent. ‘As a result of our revolt, the first houses were erected around Matera where the protagonists who were homeless now live in dignity. And that with the support of the Catholic Church. ‘

Can be viewed on between 1 and 4 April, tickets cost 8 euros. Then on the well-known streaming platforms.

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