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Moderate your social networks with Socialmod

Social media is about listening and engaging, and negative comments should not be censored because you don’t want to hear negative things about yourself or your company. Customers don’t respond well to censorship, and you could be creating an even bigger problem for yourself and your business. Therefore, posting on social media should be moderated.

Socialmod provides you with a platform for you to socially moderate your website. This application can be installed on your website or the website of your company you are working for, as appropriate. Socialmod offers superior privacy and security control, so your website does not contain any personally identifiable content.

Socialmod ensures that media elements, such as a video or image, that are uploaded to your site are fully copyrighted as their unique algorithm tracks posts on your website. Socialmod provides robust reporting and removes procedures for you or community members you have granted moderation to flag offending material. “User Protection” – The most important reason for social media moderation is an activity that Socialmod performs excellently.

You can create your own community and allow members of your community to have moderation capabilities. Socialmod’s unique algorithm allows you to weed out any objectionable content on your website before it circulates to moderators.

This ensures your best administrative control over your site. Privacy and security issues about the content posted on your site are also well addressed by Socialmod. It is easy to use and is equipped with valuable analytical applications that ensure better monitoring of the content published on your website.

Features of Socialmod

  1. It’s easy to use and valuable analytics widgets like “Analytics Dashboard” that help you monitor items that need to be moderated and successful and failed moderations.
  2. Socialmod uses “mechanical Turks” to carry out moderation activities. Each of the published content is subjected to at least three scrutiny. Through this scrutiny, a unanimous decision is reached and the corresponding moderation plans are automatically adopted.
  3. You can moderate yourself or create a community of trusted members and give them moderation capabilities.
  4. The contents that need moderation are displayed in the form of a list with their thumbnails that allow you a quick view and you can time your actions accordingly.
  5. “Batch Moderate” allows you to quickly moderate a multiple amount of published content and helps speed up the process.
  6. You can search for the suggestion and also refer the items to be moderated to other moderators if those contents are in accordance with the statute.
  7. It is integrated with unique algorithms that automatically remove content that has received a specified number of downvotes from your community members.

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