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More security: Austria will soon get a new identity card

The reason is a requirement of the EU, which prescribes a higher level of protection against forgery. Therefore a chip is built into the photo.

9.50 a.m., March 17, 2021

The old identity card will soon be obsolete © (c) BMI / Alexander TUMA

Austria is already getting in the course of this year new identity cards. The legal requirements for this have now been submitted for assessment. The occasion is a requirement of the EU, the one higher protection against forgery prescribes. There will also be changes to the passport, but not until 2023. The costs for the travel documents will remain the same.

The identity card that will be issued in the future should look a little different than the usual document. Because, as with the passport, a Chip implanted. The photo, the personal data and the images of two fingerprints must be stored on this.

A new, also more secure passport is only being developed and will be issued from 2023. The most important difference for citizens is a changed appearance and the fact that the personal data page will in future be made of a special plastic.

It is true that the production of travel documents is becoming more expensive, but the additional costs are shared by the local authorities. So that remains the price the same. You have to pay 61.50 euros for the ID card and 75.90 euros for the passport.

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