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nude diving

For many people, the feeling of diving in the wild with nothing is very relaxing and for that reason you will actually find a number of nude diving clubs made up of people who enjoy being free while in the water. Diving naked is very exhilarating, allowing the water to naturally caress the body. The number of people who enjoy skin diving would probably surprise you.

In addition to the great feeling you get from skin diving, there are also safety considerations. For example, some subtropical and tropical waters have problems with sea lice getting caught under clothing. The problem is that sea lice are itchy and painful. However, sea lice do not attach to exposed skin, which means people can dive naked and not have to worry about these pesky creatures. Please note that trimming or shaving body hair is recommended.

Additionally, skinny diving also helps the diver become more aware of the underwater environment, which actually teaches better diving skills. For example, underwater, there are rocks, cliffs, corals, and other items that, when brushed against by a wetsuit, can damage expensive equipment or even create a safety hazard. By feeling the environment in the body, you become more aware of your immersion and the environment, which means being more careful.

Just as there are many benefits to skinny diving, there are also some risks. In this case, male divers should avoid the process of feeding the fish. The reason is that some fish cannot distinguish food from a male’s appendage, resulting in a bite. Also, males must protect themselves when they are in large schools of fish. While this may sound fun, it can be a problem and bites do occur. Therefore, just be careful of the environment when diving without a wetsuit or swimsuit to take the appropriate protective measures.

Interestingly, many divers are now trying skinny diving and finding that they love it. The following are some sites that accept skin diving in case you decide to try it out for yourself:

St. Martin – Orient Beach English

Mexico City

§ Cozumel-San Francisco Beach

§ Yucatan, Mayan Corridor – Playa Del Carman

§ San Bartolome


§Half Moon Bay

§ West End Bay


§ Hawksbill


§ Nassau (breezes)

§ Cat Island (Cutlass Bay)


§ Sorobon Beach Resort

Dominican Republic

§ Hispaniola (Eden Bay Resort)


§ Key Largo (Jules Undersea Lodge)


§ Fugitive beach (breezes)

§ Braco (Great Lido)

§ Negril (Great Lido)

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