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OnePlus goes to 9 by partnering with the legendary Hasselblad brand: “this is not a marketing showcase, but a real long-term collaboration”

And new for OnePlus, which has just announced the launch of its 9 and 9 Pro smartphones. The Chinese brand, flagship killer not to be presented to purists who follow it since 2016, is steeped in ambitions about these two terminals which will be projected in a smartphone market more competitive than ever, where indifferentiation reigns more. more. All in a context where OnePlus, ex-enfant terrible of the market which operated as an exclusive pure player (you had to be “invited to afford a OnePlus), has largely” randomized “and struggles to keep its identity and its” OnePlus Touch “.

It is not on the stylistic side that the 9 and 9 Pro (visually very similar, moreover, which is a desire of 1+) will mark this difference most clearly. Apart from a coating poetically named Morning Mist (the back of the shell is, at the bottom of the device, very reflective like a mirror before “blurring” as you look at the top of the mobile ), little to report on that side. Except that, as always, the finishes are impeccable, and that the two iterations are very successful in terms of design, without breaking any code.

On the other hand as often, 1+ embeds a technical sheet for the less robust in its latest productions: we are talking about a 6.55-inch screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, 8 to 12 GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 888 processor, super fast 65W wired and 15W wireless charging … just on the “basic” OnePlus 9!

The OnePlus 9 Pro, it adds an adaptive refresh to its screen, also a bit larger (6.7 inches) and certified LTPO and QHD + (the OnePlus 9 is limited to Full HD +). The OnePlus 9 Pro is also the best possible ally of the OnePlus Warp Charge wireless charging station, which charges it at 50W, all without the slightest cable. It’s extremely fast: In 31 minutes, our test copy at 9% autonomy reached 99%! Bluffing. The OnePlus 9 quite simply, it, limited to 15W in this wireless charging mode, will need more to let the needles scroll to regain the hair of the beast.

This is obviously not all. The strong argument of these new terminals is undeniably their photo blocks. Concocted with the contribution of the Hasselblad photo specialist, they promise to correct the (only) big deficiency so far identified on OnePlus productions, the only real criterion on which the brand marked a withdrawal compared to the competition: the quality of his pictures. By partnering with Hasselblad, a legendary Swedish brand whose cases have been used on the moon by NASA since 1969), it is precisely the quality that we shoot …

The process (marketing, it is undeniable) is not new: Leica is associated with Huawei, Carl Zeiss with Vivo (before having collaborated for a long time with Nokia). And in the audiophile field, it has been raging for a long time as well. “For once, it is not a simple marketing collaboration. We are talking about a real long-term association, in several stages, of which the OnePlus 9 constitutes the first stone, slips us Julie Arsac, carrier. word OnePlus for the Belgian market. Here we have benefited from the expertise of Hasselblad engineers in terms of algorithm, software and AI. These are thus their equi parameters are displayed in Pro mode, at the same title that it is the typical Hasselblad shutter sound that is heard. They have been very involved in the overall improvement of the photo function. But this is not yet a hardware collaboration. It will come: Hasselblad will manufacture one day the sensors of OnePlus smartphones “.

In the meantime, the 9 range is not laughing at us: the “classic” 9 takes the top of the basket from Sony as the main sensor, 48 Megapixels and opening at f / 1.8. An ultra wide angle of 50 Mpx and opening at f / 2.2 is also of the review on the back camera unit, as well as a monochrome sensor of 2 Mp. In front camera, Sony always, able to capture in 16 Mp. All these beautiful people film in 4 and even 8K, at 30 FPS …

The OnePlus 9 Pro goes even further: it adds to this already very opulent photo sheet an 8 Megapixel Telephoto sensor.

Available in three finishes (Artic Sky, Astral Black and Winter Mist), the OnePlus 9 will cost € 699 (8 GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage) and € 799 (12 GB – 256 GB of storage). It will be available for pre-order from today via, Proximus, Vanden Borre, Fnac, Coolblue, Telenet and Krefel.

The OnePlus 9 Pro will be available for sale from March 31 and the OnePlus 9 from April 26 via, Proximus, Vanden Borre, Fnac, Coolblue, Telenet and Krefel. The OnePlus 9 Pro, available in 4 colors, will be worth € 999 maximum (12 GB + 256 storage), and € 899 in 8 GB + 128 configuration.

The OnePlus Warp Charge 50 wireless charger will be available for € 69.95.

Finally, the OnePlus Watch, the brand’s first connected watch, will arrive at a later date, at a price starting from € 159.

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