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Out of the woods

Who is perfect? That’s a silly rhetorical question, because sometimes God or whatever rules the universe doesn’t even appear to be perfect in the way that this world can appear to anyone unconscious or fully aware of what is really going on. However, this is the way out of the forest of confusion: be competent in life and be genuinely detail-oriented and careful about what you experience in reality. Oh that seems simple, in fact, is it easy to practice? As we can deduce from all that is actually “not planning”, it is not easy at all.

Every life wants to scream “action now!” or “give up!” in different moments of its evolution and reality, but, since the life of the game is genuinely, life must be played to the best of the person who plays it and a “cool head” and even temperament must be kept even at the worst or best circumstances. That means when the going gets tough, you need to take a balanced and rational approach to staying stable even when things get worse. Even when things are going well, you can’t get carried away by a “lucky streak” or feel full of yourself as if nothing bad could happen.

That last sentence in the last paragraph makes me think of Kevin Hart’s car accident in Malibu Hills, you can have all the “great luck” and “blessings” in the world, but if you don’t have an even temperament and a realistic attitude about them, do What is done can go wrong in the worst way that it becomes corrupted by carelessness of oneself. On the other hand, even in the worst situations, there can be a way out if you are patient, understanding, tolerant, creative and intelligent: I look at the singer in the Los Angeles subway system, Emily Zamourka on the other hand to the example of Kevin Hart that I just mentioned. Through her creativity and inner strength, I understand that she is ultimately going to help herself get out of a bad situation like homelessness, and “get unlucky” yes. I get it, be it good or bad, in order for things to work out and to get through the forest, you must have a cautious, logical, realistic and even temperament that leads you to successfully navigate life in a good, rational and successful way in Ultimately, or end up “failing like the rest that fail” by thinking that things are easy, and that the game does not require skill, work or home attitude. What I mean by a head of household attitude is a realistic work ethic, cautiously protecting your assets and, best of all, always thinking realistically and deeply, taking nothing for granted. After all, the key to anger management is simply a rational approach to all situations that sees both sides of a problem objectively anyway. The ultimate subjectivity is irrational anger. Sure, I believe in right and wrong, and there are times to get angry, but I also understand that everything must be viewed realistically to be valid. gold good “normal” temperament. So I finally look at it this way, genuine success is perfection, genuine failure is the ultimate imperfection through our attitudes, perceptions, and understanding of reality.

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