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Put him in the mood with naughty Valentine’s Day gifts

Valentine’s Day is one day of the year that sometimes has even the most romantic among us scratching our heads. What can we do to be different? What can you do to make sure your Valentine’s gifts for him don’t end up being the same cards or flowers? There needs to be a different approach, especially if you want to add a little spice to a relationship. If he really loves you, he’ll totally appreciate something unusual, funny, and a little cheeky or mischievous. Or maybe you just like him and aren’t looking for anything too serious or long-lasting, but just feel like being a little naughty. There is nothing wrong in it!

So you want to let her know what’s hot this Valentine’s Day, but you’re not quite sure how to do it. Now you can choose from a variety of ways to let him know how you feel. For a little fun, how about a chili plant gift box? This contains everything you need to grow chili peppers with the implication of being hot, hot, hot. Let’s hope he gets the hint.

If you are a bit more daring, you can buy a copy of the Kama Sutra from him. Valentine’s gifts for him don’t get much more raunchy than this! Almost everyone has heard of this book and would like to take a cheeky look at it, but chances are they haven’t read it. It is packed with advice and guidance on the art of lovemaking and the information it contains provides a red-hot guide for today’s lovers. A short introduction is followed by a scenario of the best techniques and positions for making love. So if he wants to brighten up his own love life or even start a racy new relationship and isn’t feeling shy, this could be the ideal gift.

Even if you don’t admit it, you will surely enjoy a Cheeky Chicks Personalized Calendar. Although it’s only February when Valentine’s Day arrives, don’t worry, some calendars start in any month! So you don’t miss Miss January!! There are 13 full color images and it may be difficult for him to choose a favorite! So you may have to look at the pictures over and over again until he has made his choice, that’s his excuse anyway!

Valentine’s gifts for him can be wrapped in a Raunchy Wrapping Paper Girls design. Plain and simple on the outside, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise when he starts to unwrap the gift. Inside are glowing images of nude women (no one fully nude though, so don’t worry too much). He will probably be so interested in the wrapping paper that he won’t much care what the gift is, as he may not even notice.

Do you remember the necklaces made of candy when you were a child? Well, the modern adult version is a Lovers Candy G-String. Slightly risky, very fun, these ropes will satisfy even the most sweet tooth. Take your time as there are over 300 sweets, but remember to brush your teeth!

Valentine’s gifts for him can be sassy, ​​sexy or funny depending on how you want to play it. For a romantic night, how about a CD of Erotic Lounge Music. This is a collection of relaxed and sexy music that creates a sensual atmosphere. This is a great gift that will outlast chocolate or flowers and is sure to create some fantastic memories! What could be better than a gift that you can use year after year? The CD contains six classic tracks for both of you to enjoy. Why not combine this gift with I Love You candles? The candles come in the shape of letters that spell out I Love You. Bake a cake, put the candles on it, put on the CD and you are guaranteed a very special evening!

You’ve probably never heard of or imagined something like Rose Petal Seductions. The Rose Petal Seductions Kit shows your lover a trail of where to go as each petal contains a different word, setting them in the mood, describing a fantasy, or helping to create a path that they they have not thought. You leave the road to you, wherever you want to take your man!… And remember that gifts on Valentine’s Day don’t always have to be sweet and innocent!

When love is in the air almost anything goes! You sure can’t stop enjoying this one!

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