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Reach beyond your comfort zone

I understand that the idea of ​​stepping out of the box and out of your comfort zone and all that is familiar and safe to you may sound daunting, but you can make it easier for yourself. Surround yourself with other people who have achieved the goals you seek. Become one with them, learn and prosper. They were also once on the starting line. You can avoid cheating by learning from your mistakes and listening to their advice.

Talk to the most effective leaders. Meet with the prosperous business owner. Leave the line of complainers and whiners and join the doers. Not only is it more successful on your side of the fence, it’s more fun!

Identify people who have accomplished what you most want to do. Read about them. Call them. Ask them what you need to know. Nobody is unattainable. Of course, some will want payment, refusing to reveal their secrets for nothing; it’s always your decision if you think it’s worth it or not.

Beware: Some of today’s newest experts are not what they seem… be especially wary of the “Johnny Come Latelys” – the new kids on the block who think they know it all and have the answers… honestly, you are better off following someone who has been in the industry for 20+ years with a proven track record and not just your own opinion or testimonials from your “friends”. Many of these would be experts being exposed, there is no excuse to be scammed. Do your homework.

This year I spoke with Jack Canfield, Chet Holmes (consultant to Warren Buffet), and Michael Gerber, author, CEO of E-Myth Worldwide, and father of small business, he put my business on the hot seat (he said I reignited the passion in the business owner who made them entrepreneurs in the first place, getting them excited about their business and putting them into action).

So don’t be afraid to ask. What is the worst that can happen? In fact, get a celebrity endorsement and see what it does for your business. Just ask. At worst, they can only say no… but keep asking because not EVERYONE says no. Some of them can actually remember what it was like to start and are more docile.

Do you want to overflow your bank account? Live as if you were extremely rich. Read about how to manage wealth. Sports car test drive. Stop by the estates in the Vineyard. Feel the texture of cashmere. Inspire it all, get comfortable with it and it will be yours. (There is the concept of “fake it ’til you make it” – it’s about believing you have it “now” instead of believing you have it sometime far in the future. I don’t understand the concept, there are plenty of books out there that explain it very Okay. Pick up a book on creative visualization and go from there.)

Having said that, think big. Live it as if it had already happened. Being “with” what you want brings it to you easily, putting the laws of attraction to work for you.

So, get out of your comfort zone and take on a new track.

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