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Reduce your intake of bread, pasta, sugar or starch? Advice from an ex-model who loved potatoes so much!

Pascale Naessens, who has just released volume 2 in French of “My cuisine with 4 ingredients” is wary of the fast carbohydrates that are found en masse in agro-industrial products whati do not satiate, which makes us hungry all the time, that we crack down again turning to products full of carbohydrates that make us a slave. I know it, I was like thatat . At the time, she wondered how to replace this fast source of energy with another, better in everything. Hence the presence of vegetables and lots of good fats in his recipes! Gradually, my body reacted differently, I no longer had this insatiable hunger. And when I ate it was so tasty and filling that I didn’t want anything else.

It was 10 years ago. The moment that definitely made him switch to this tasty cuisine, low in carbohydrates and high in good fats? “I was hungry all the time, it was part of me. But when I started incorporating nuts and more fats into my dishes like olive oil, coconut oil, etc. I started. to stop thinking about food I was no longer hungry and no longer thought of “having” to eat“She remembers. So the solution is this: give your body something equally good.”And to give something taste and appetite, there is either sugar or fat …

Lat the base, it is a varied diet, rich in vegetables, fruits, good products less worked or processed possible.e “ , she points out, but according to her, reasoning according to the food pyramid is far too simplistic. This that we have lost is listening to our body, also understanding how the organism works in general and his in particularr . “ “It is not a question of will, of mental strength, of motivation”, insists Pascale Naessens. We are therefore not at all equal when it comes to carbohydrates: some overreact but not to mention pathologies, other organisms (and there are many) are addicted to sugar and starch: “and the more you eat, the more you want to eat, when you are hungry as when you have noim “ .

Adopting a Mediterranean-type diet that is more or less low in carbohydrates is to switch to a way of eating that erases all these devouring cravings and that hunger all the time that grips … “In a few weeks, in a few months, you can get there but again it depends on what you can compare to an addiction. And in this case, it is better to get help from the family to avoid breaking down.”

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