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RTA Cabinets Vs Traditional Cabinets

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, one of the most crucial elements to consider is the cabinetry, as your choice will greatly affect both functionality and interior appeal. Today, the options have ranged from traditional drives to RTAs or RTA cabinets. There are several factors that make either option a better preference. So if you’re looking to replace your cabinets to spruce up your New York home, land with an informed decision by learning the pros and cons of traditional cabinets vs. RTAs. Here are some points to consider for landing with the right units, whether you’re in Long Island, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, or Brooklyn.

The essential

Traditional cabinets come in their 3 general types: stock, semi-stock, and custom. When it comes to designs, the most flexible option that is guaranteed to cater to your every whim is custom cabinetry, but it will require the help of a contractor to complete the job in the most efficient manner. RTA cabinets, on the other hand, are a packaged set of parts where they have all been cut to size and holes drilled where they should be. Hardware to hold things together and make them work efficiently is also included with full instructions on how to put the pieces together.


Compared to pre-assembled and traditional parts, RTAs are much cheaper, making them a viable option for inexpensive kitchen remodeling. The ready-to-assemble units are designed for easy construction that even the most inexperienced homeowner can put together with the simple use of a screwdriver. Being DIY, you can enjoy a nice cut on labor costs. Shipping rates also vary significantly. A fully assembled cabinet or raw materials for stock, semi-stock or custom parts will take up a lot of space than RTA’s which are flat packed for easier and cheaper transportation. These reasons make RTA a cheaper option.


When it comes to quality, both traditional cabinets and RTA options offer a full spectrum. The materials used range from low-quality particle board to the more luxurious and durable hardwood options. With the increase in demand came the response of manufacturers to the needs of customers and that is to enjoy the benefits that hardwood brings at a good price. Another factor to consider that will greatly affect quality is craftsmanship, so whether you choose to hire a contractor or buy from a supplier, do your homework and compare services and stores. Either way, you can afford the strength and lasting beauty of your kitchen by choosing your materials and supplier wisely.


The timing of the kitchen remodeling project completion is important to avoid prolonging unrest in the home, as well as the anticipation to see the results. This is one of the biggest advantages of RTA cabinets over their traditional counterpart. Since they are flat packed, they are easier and cheaper to ship, so going with the fastest possible fleet for items would not be a huge financial burden. This same reason also makes them almost always available at your local retail store or online, as they are easy to store. Even if the design of your choice is not in stock, ordering ready-to-assemble cabinets would take only two to three weeks, while traditional cabinets will, in most cases, arrive at your home in six to eight weeks.

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