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Semi-detached houses for sale

You can trace this word back to the royalty of England, where the term referred to a house that was kept “in the city” when the main house was in the country. Today, in the United States, it is a single family home with at least two stories. The house shares a wall with another semi-detached house. Although they are like a duplex, there is a difference. Townhomes are owned by an individual and duplexes are not. You can find townhouses for sale in areas where property prices are high and land is scarce. Many times people look at both condos and townhomes for sale because they think they are the same. However, there is a difference. Yes, some townhomes are sold under the listed condo, but the difference is the form of ownership. If you buy a condo or townhome listed as a condo, you will only own the interior of the building. You can also own the property abroad if you buy it as a townhouse. It depends on the rules of the homeowners association.


• Living in a townhouse that is flanked on both sides by other houses can lower your heating bill, as only two of the townhomes have direct exposure to the outdoors.

• If you are part of a homeowners association, you have little responsibility for exterior maintenance, which can mean lower maintenance costs.

• Townhomes for sale are less expensive to buy than a freestanding home, which is good when money is tight.

• Being two floors there is less noise below or above and more privacy


• They have a lower value and if you sell your townhome, there will be less profit.

• If you have to sell your townhome in a depressed market, you could lose money.

• You may be disturbed by your neighbor’s noise

• Have little space for gardening and a small backyard.

• You have less to say about the outward appearance of your townhouse

• Since there are two sides, three if you live at the end of the row can have windows so there is less light in your house.

• In certain real estate markets, buying townhouses for sale can be financially risky.

• You may have to pay homeowners association fees, and they can be high

If there seem to be more cons than pros in buying townhomes for sale, there are many people who enjoy townhome living and will tolerate the cons. They like the proximity of their neighbors. They are glad they don’t have to be responsible for the upkeep of the exterior property, even if they have to pay homeowners association fees.

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