SEO Best Practices for Ecommerce Businesses in 2018
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SEO Best Practices for Ecommerce Businesses in 2018

According to the latest study, it reveals that most of the customers are inclined to shop online rather than in stores. Therefore, this implies that today’s world has changed and most of the companies have gone into web-based business. There are some strategies that have been used by online business organizations in the past that are conventional types of advertising, for example email campaigns among others. I am not saying that these do not still have a vital meaning in this year, this is not enough. Here is a part of the tips that will help you this year.

quality content

The quality of your content is undoubtedly the most important factors in SEO. There is an oversaturation of substance, and people have ended up being particular about what they read, watch and investigate. A low-quality substance will be left behind as proper research has not been done on it. The horrible substance will also influence the reputation and location of a site in the opposite way. It is basic to get substance in a perfect way and maintain lasting quality. Presumably, marketers will consider factors like voice aspect, artificial intelligence, hyperlocal approach, altered aspect before creating content. If you’re green for SEO, you need to know that Google ranks and indexes pages that match your topic based on relevance. Therefore, you must include keywords that are relevant. While you’re doing this, make sure you don’t include too many keywords.


Smartphone search just overtook desktop. Voice-based search will catalyze this even more in 2018. The vast majority use this from their mobile devices and not from Alexa and Google Home. Therefore, Google has seen this pattern and will make the switch to the versatile first procedure. This means that Google will rank sites based on the quality and content of the portable version rather than the basic workspace adaptation, as it has done recently. Versatile and accelerated mobile pages will encourage businesses to stay on top of things and rank higher on the search engine results page. Google will evaluate how well the platform works, how fast it loads and what feels natural to use before ranking pages. This is the first approach to take.

Accelerating the design of your website

The added time your site needs to load is basic to your ranking in query items and should be kept to a minimum. There’s no use having great content if your page doesn’t load on time. Slow loading web page results in a high bounce rate. Typically, people lean towards a web page to load in a few seconds. It’s boring when you browse a web page and it takes a long time to load. If this is not analyzed, most users will prefer other sites. Also, Google considers this idea as a solid component of the ranking. To do the same, you can take a look at some variables, like excluding redirects that are too much, reducing the size of images to allow less space on the page of your site, among others.

Title and Meta description

When your content appears, the two most important screens are the title and the Meta description. Therefore, you need to have a clear yet descriptive title that clearly communicates what visitors will find on your page. Keep each meta description the same short. If your site is mobile-friendly, be sure to create a short title and description. The only reason behind this is that the screen space is small. Long titles will fill the screen, but the screen space is small.


Backlinks are the most fundamental components. Both inbound and outbound links have significant value for your ranking. In case you have no backlinks then you need to build a portfolio of backlinks and make them reliable to rank well. A good ranking makes Google think your site is trustworthy, hence a higher ranking. Check the sources that are trustworthy and have global popularity.

Image and voice search optimization

Both image optimization and voice search are very important. When it comes to image optimization, don’t offer website visitors less. You have to create a resemblance of your article with the way it works as well as incorporating keywords. According to Google, most searches are based on voice. Therefore, you should also optimize for this trend and incorporate a conversational tone and long-tail keywords.

expand your horizons

The dominance of Bing and Google over the years is well recognized, but you need to think outside the box. There are other search engines too and they are making their presence known. You can search for them and this will broaden your reach.

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