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She was saved by her food: Amandine Poli now shares everything she has learned

She describes herself as a cook therapist because in this portmanteau word, there is the relationship to cooking, to doing with her hands and the well-being side that sticks to the skin of Amandine Poli, who has become a specialist in a diet that good.

Amandine is of course not the first to embark on wellness nutrition. But this celiac disease survivor really knows what she’s talking about. For years she was told she was “crazy woman“while she was suffering from excruciating pain and constant and inexplicable fatigue. Which psychologically was also very hard. So now, she acts in her own way. That is to say on many levels! The foundation of everything, for her was a question: “How to eat healthy and balanced, when the speeches of specialists contradict each other?

Understand how your body works

Because eating healthy is now for her the guarantee of her full health (with sport), the only solution to her illness but also the possibility of reinventing gluttony. In her office, she receives people to talk about holistic health or aromatherapy, she organizes cooking classes to show in particular how easy it is to cook without gluten or to eat balanced in two steps. “I love to share everything I have collected for great tips over the years. The best is to go to people who want to change the supply line: we open the cupboards together and there, I understand everything and we can act together to find a personalized path to fitness.“.

My specialty is tailor-made“, she explains.” JAbove all, I want to help people solve the problems they face in everyday life. Of course, you have to be ready to invest, really want to shake up certain habits if they are harmful, but I am not a food terrorist. The main problem in our current world is intestinal dysbiosis, which affects 98% of people, even if they do not know it, and results in a porosity of the intestinal wall which causes many problems and requires a lot of effort to solve. Feeling better can already be done just by changing a few things. My method is to make people aware: I explain to them how their body works, I make them aware of the foods that make them feel bad. From there, the solutions practically come of themselves because when we notice that we feel bad by eating certain things and better by eating others, we are ready to change. It’s a boost to keep going. “

A delicacy grocery store

To this healthy approach, this true gourmet has added a grocery store where everything makes you want: she selects leading brands and has developed her own products there which are of course suitable for those with gluten intolerance. Its jams are to die for and its little cookies bring pleasure and satiety, magical! You can also find your “signature dish”, spring rolls.

“80% of the products I sell are gluten-free, but I chose them because they are also delicious” This is also his motto: “Free of gluten, full of life!” which made him create a delicious collection of products “by Amandine Poli”: biscuits, olive oils, granola, jams, detox juices, tea-juices and soon coffee, in very refined packaging and very design. All are vegan, gluten and dairy free and have a low glycemic index.

The energy program

We asked him what to eat from morning to night to have an energy like his. Perfect before the end of the year holidays approaching.

60% of what makes up our immune system is located in the intestine“, explains Amandine Poli.” It is in the intestine that neurotransmitters are created which communicate, in particular via the vagus nerve, with our brain. We now know that there is much more information coming from the belly to the brain than the other way around. ”

First of all, she strongly recommends starting intermittent fasting “Not eating anything for at least sixteen hours promotes cell renewal, helps the liver to eliminate toxins that clog the body and allows the intestine to regenerate its microbiota”, she specifies.

The morning, we therefore avoid any solid food. “We drink a detox juice, a green tea, an Aloe vera juice which will act on the intestinal flora, a cranberry juice (cranberry), a broth filtered with turmeric and ginger or simply hot water or at room temperature with the addition of lime juice, much less acidifying than the lemon. The possibilities are numerous, everyone can find what they like and what motivates them! “

Lunch starts with a bowl of raw vegetables. “Lots of raw and seasonal vegetables: carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, celeriac, fennel, beets, Jerusalem artichoke, parsnip…, which we supplement with a vegetable protein (tofu, tempeh, quinoa, lentils…) or animal, on condition that it is lean and therefore easily assimilated by the body: fish, as less fatty as possible, such as sea bass or solette, lean meat, chicken or turkey. ” Red meat ? “No more than twice a month and on condition that it is of excellent quality”, advises Amandine because it is very acidifying.

At snack, we put on fiber with fresh fruits, tangerine, mango, grapefruit, papaya, fig, pear or particularly antioxidant pomegranate…, which we sprinkle with a little granola and chia seeds to fill up with ‘energy. But the best according to her would be to do without or to wedge a little craving with a handful of cashews, almonds, macadamia nuts or dried fruits, apple, papaya, grape … The idea is to do it. full of antioxidants. ”

The evening, always this famous bowl of raw vegetables for the many vitamins it provides. “And then, a ramen soup composed of a vegetable broth, cooked vegetables (marsh beans, small yellow or orange carrots, zucchini for the soft side …), a paste of buckwheat or rice, red or black , turmeric, soybean paste or edamame paste.

On his site, there are plenty of amazing and delicious recipe ideas, to see on amandine-poli.com

Shop: L’Épicerie bio by Amandine Poli, 71 rue Alphonse Renard, 1050 Brussels, open 7 days a week. Online shop: www.byamandinepoli.com

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