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Shopping: the most beautiful accessories with a touch of Lady Di

The UK has never been so close and so far away at the same time. As we bid her farewell due to coronavirus and Brexit, the royal family is making a splash on Netflix and her looks become a source of inspiration.

Long gloves

In the old days, when the Internet was still science fiction, no man went out without a hat, and no woman without gloves. Most impressive were the elbow-length evening gloves or the opera gloves that covered almost the entire arm, as Audrey Hepburn wears in “Diamonds on the Couch”.

Gloves printed with flowers, Giambattista Valli. Haute couture, price on request.

In the United Kingdom, if Lady Di preferred to shake hands without wearing gloves, Elizabeth II will never be seen coming out with her bare hands – and she is not the only one now.

In fact, this spring, actresses Margot Robbie and Zoë Kravitz made an impression on the red carpet thanks to the Queen’s favorite accessory. And this fall, we also spotted it in the winter collections of Sportmax, Fendi, Marine Serre and Valentino.

Further argument: Gloves are not only incredibly stylish, but also very practical in this time of pandemic. In short, why would we opt for disposable plastic when there is (vegan) leather?

Navy nappa leather gloves, Max Mara, 175 euros

Zebra print gloves, MM6 from Maison Margiela, 220 euros

Two-tone lambskin gloves, Burberry, 370 euros

Long black leather gloves, Marni, 480 euros

2. Lady bags

Margaret Thatcher’s interlocutors dreaded the moment the British Prime Minister grabbed her purse. Top-secret documents disappeared and sharp arguments came out in the form of mysterious notes. Since then, being “handbagged” has meant being badly handled.

“Black Traviata”, Launer, price on request.

Thanks to the series “The Crown” on Netflix, Thatcher’s secret weapon is living its heyday: despite the coldness of their relationship, the Iron Lady and the Queen shared the same love for Launer, the British equivalent of Delvaux , which shapes quality and minimalist, but refined handbags.

This “ladylike” style is trendy: the “Lady Dior”, so named in homage to Princess Diana, is still very popular. And Gucci has just renamed its iconic hobo bag “Jackie 1961”, in homage to the famous first lady Jackie Onassis Kennedy.

“Jackie 1961”, Gucci, price on request.

“St. Honoré”, Dior, price on request.

“Twin Frame”, Ratio and Motus, 1,300 euros.

“Georgia”, Wandler, 790 euros.

3. Pins

The brooch is to glamor what the pin’s is to punk: a way to show off your personality. Whether it is a historical piece as the Queen wears or a vanity for Vivienne Westwood. The brooch dates from the Bronze Age (3,000 – 500 BC) and was used to tie up clothing.

Metal and leather insect, JW Anderson, 350 euros.

These decorative pins have since become symbols and even biases, like the full biography displayed in pin form by former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. After Lady Hale, President of the British Supreme Court, who frightened her colleagues by wearing a giant spider brooch, a new generation is taking over.

Billie Eilish appears with paved diamond brooches, as does actor and style icon Timothée Chalamet.

Strass brooch, Louis Vuitton, price on request.

“Jean Schlumberger Bird on a Rock clip”, Tiffany & Co, price on request.

Sprig of mistletoe, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, price on request.

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