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Should you use a DVD to help your child potty train?

Potty training is easier for some children than others. Some young children may simply get bored with the whole process and lose interest, making it difficult to successfully train the child. One way to add interest to potty training is to purchase a DVD about the process. If you can find one starring your child’s favorite character, you can make the process even easier. (Books on potty training are also an option.) Regardless of the type of DVD you use, you should always watch it first to make sure the instructions are clear and easily understood by your child.

Toilet training DVDs use fictional characters to explain the process or real people to do it. Deciding which one you should buy mostly depends on which one you think your child will relate to best. Potty training DVDs with live people leave less room for confusion. The little boy sees someone like him who is using the big boy potty. If the children explaining the process are older, the little child can aspire to be like that older child and try to do the same thing: use the big boy potty. It is important to view this type of DVD before allowing your child to view it. If your child is going to think of these kids as role models, you need to make sure they pass on the same values ​​as you, or at least don’t do anything contrary to the values ​​you’re teaching your child.

Character DVDs may work best if you can find one starring your child’s favorite character. Your child is more likely to pay attention and want to do what her favorite character does. You may be able to further encourage big boy potty use by purchasing a doll representing his favorite character to accompany the DVD. You want to watch this DVD first for the same reasons stated above.

After several times of watching a potty training DVD, your little one will probably be potty training in no time.

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