Strange things that are beyond natural occurrences
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Strange things that are beyond natural occurrences

One must first define what is natural before affirming that something is beyond the normal. In my situation of having memory of reincarnation and a link to the Spirit of the Universe I would normally come under that title. But what if it’s perfectly natural, and that human perspective of such is abnormal. This is something many deal with every day of their lives who are different in some way and fear ridicule and ostracism as a result.

Hearing a voice when no one is physically present is weird, but it happens to millions of people, if not everyone in their lives, at some point. Picking up a phone the second it rings for no other reason is weird. Traveling to the other side of the world and meeting a dear friend that you may not have seen in some time is beyond comprehension.

There are thousands of similar things that could be labeled out of the norm and yet are mostly ignored due to religious laws and the brainwashing that nullifies them. In my experience there is no heaven or hell and to me believing in something that cannot be seen, felt or tasted is more bizarre and yet the majority of the population believes in them.

What is it about the brain that discards what these things teach us and opts for things for which there is no proof or truth? Why do people also see ghosts and detailed sightings of other events, like UFOs and such, and still can’t convince the authorities of their presence?

When something is beyond belief, it is labeled paranormal, and the list of such is long.

What it points to is a world of natural events that are far outside what is perceived as normal. Fifty years ago my parents would have thought the internet and cell phones were ‘paranormal’ if that’s the best description for things we haven’t considered.

Everyone has reincarnated according to my experience and the bible notes that we have returned 6 times (Job 5:19-21), but does that come under the same heading? In my journey between lives the Spirit of the Universe was there with me and this is the true God. It is not something strange but reality. It is the religious gods and the distortion of the truth to suit their affairs that are most bizarre and are not to be listened to or followed.

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