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Structure clarified in Colruyt fashion subsidiaries

Leaving the shareholding of Colruyt’s textile subsidiaries, Luc Van Mol, CEO of Zeb, becomes responsible for the textile division. Xavier Goebels remains at the head of PointCarré.

Since September 2020, the Colruyt group

owns more than 96% of the shares of Fraluc, the holding company that oversees the fashion brands ZEB, PointCarré, The Fashion Store and ZEB For Stars. Renamed The Fashion Society, this umbrella structure now has only two shareholders: Colruyt and Xavier Goebels, the founding boss of the Luxembourg chain PointCarré.

The operation went under the radar, but Luc Van Mol, the founding CEO of ZEB, sold his shares in the holding company to Colruyt with two partners. Apart from Hal’s distributor, only Xavier Goebels therefore remains in the capital. If he is no longer a shareholder, Luc Van Mol was given the post of CEO of The Fashion Society.

At the same time, changes have taken place at PointCarré, the brand from Bertrix which today relies on a fleet of 26 stores (a 27th will open next week in Briey, near Thionville in France). Frans Colruyt and Marc Hofman, operational director of Colruyt, are replaced on the board of directors by Stefaan Vandamme, the group’s chief financial officer, and by Jef Colruyt, its CEO.

If PointCarré is a small thumb compared to ZEB and its 112 stores, the brand has nonetheless expanded its scope with an online sales site which gives complete satisfaction.

“Our site is already earning the equivalent of one of our large outlets.”

Xavier Goebels

Managing Director of PointCarré

“The growth is there. Our site is already bringing in the equivalent of one of our large outlets, “says Xavier Goebels. He remains positive but cautious about future prospects, in a context of the” anxiety-provoking “market.

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