Taking care of those precious marble countertops
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Taking care of those precious marble countertops

With increasingly varied lifestyles, kitchen countertop colors and patterns need to be carefully planned. Investments would have to be budgeted and planned wisely. With regard to the many years that follow, maintenance issues arise for large purchases. Are you sure hot pots and pans won’t damage those beloved countertops? Well, such concern is natural and most of them have bitter experiences of burning an old countertop. A hot pan won’t actually crack the countertop, but it can destroy the color and texture.

Marble countertops need more care and you need trivets and heating pads to protect them. Consider a few other factors before making your purchase decision. Do natural stones like Augusta White Marble need Regular Maintenance?

Natural stone is porous and marble absorbs liquids. That would result in stains and damage. A sealant would close the cracks and protect against scratches. Seal it annually and let it dry before using it.

How about cleaning surfaces like Blanca Arabescato Quartz?

Once properly sealed, natural stone surfaces and countertops are easy to clean. All you need is a soft cloth, mild detergent soap, and water. Severe stains will need a paste of water and baking soda. Avoid abrasive cleaners or compositions that contain vinegar, acid or lemon juice.

Are stones like Crema Marfil Marble easily stained?

Even after sealing, some substances will stain marble countertops. Red wine, cosmetics, ink, tomato and some other substances will stain them. Well, clean up fast and protect with trays, mats and coasters to minimize risk.

The Dangers of Cracking and Chipping for Stones Like Grigio Pearl Marble

Basically sturdy, marble and other stone countertops will last almost forever, if taken care of well. Yes, be careful. Avoid scratches and keep it clean with proper sealing. Avoid using sharp and rough items on the surface.

Check out some options like Super White Marble

With good practices, they will last long and bring immense happiness. Instead of worrying about sealing and staining, opt for an artificial quartz countertop that doesn’t need sealing and allows more freedom. Marble look quartz is magnificently impressive and looks just like the real thing.

Consider a wide variety of beautiful countertops, but be very careful, depending on the material. Avoid rough use and remember that beauty is prone to damage. Choose the right countertop based on family lifestyle, personality and design. Fill the kitchen with an artistic rhapsody.

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