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“Talking” out, “Gab” in: the social network registers 700,000 new subscribers and … reaches out to Donald Trump

Social network Gab has taken advantage of the suspension of several Twitter accounts, including that of President Donald Trump, and the taking of its rival Talking offline to gain hundreds of thousands of subscribers in recent hours, its executives have said.

About “600,000 to 700,000” Internet users are currently registering on the platform every day, said Andrew Torba, co-founder and general manager of this social network created in August 2016, in a video posted Monday … on Twitter. Gab had more than 40 million unique visitors over the past week, he added, quadruple his total traffic in December, according to SimilarWeb.

Gab reaches out to Donald Trump

The site, whose name means “chatter” in English, has not provided any subscriber totals to date. Asked by AFP, its technical manager, Fosco Marotto, did not immediately follow up.

In his latest annual report, published in April 2019, Gab, based in Pennsylvania, said he had more than 900,000 subscribers.

“It’s our time”Andrew Torba rejoiced in another video posted on Twitter on Friday. “It’s our turn to shine.”

As of midnight Monday California time (0800 GMT), Gab’s main competitor in his unrestricted free speech niche, Speak, has been taken offline.

The suspension followed Amazon’s decision to cut Parler’s access to its servers, after Google and Apple removed the app from their app download platforms.

Andrew Torba said he was in contact with Donald Trump’s entourage with a view to opening a real account on Gab, which the platform has already prepared. There is currently only one account with his existing messages on Twitter, with 1.1 million subscribers.

Already singled out in the past

Like Parler, Gab has established himself as a refuge for supporters of Donald Trump and more broadly supporters of the hard right, even if he rejected any political label.

The platform was notably indicted after the extremist Robert Bowers had posted several hate messages there before attacking, in October 2018, a synagogue in Pittsburgh and claiming 11 victims.

Gab had then been deprived of access to the servers of, which had previously hosted him. It had only taken her a week to get back online.

According to Andrew Torba, the platform is no longer under the threat of suspension because it is completely independent.

Gab “protects legal expression” and rejects comments inciting violence, as well as pornographic content, he said in several videos posted in recent days.

According to the New York Times, demonstrators present in Washington on Wednesday would have coordinated and galvanized, in particular via Gab. An assertion that Andrew Torba refuted.

“They are trying to present Gab as a place where violence is organized, which is absolutely wrong”, he hammered. “We have no tolerance for the promotion of violence.”

“Speak” files a complaint

At the same time, the conservative social network Parler lodged a complaint against Amazon, which de facto kicked it off the internet by cutting off access to its data hosting servers due to persistent push-to-talk messages. violence after the assault on the Capitol.

Parler, who believes that this decision is motivated by political reasons and by the desire to reduce competition to the benefit of Twitter, is asking the court to pronounce a temporary order against Amazon by forcing the group to reopen its servers.

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