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Tampa Bay Buccaneers tidbits

Those who live in the Miami area can, worried that they will be rejected from restaurants and country clubs, claim to be Dolphins fans, have growing fins and live underwater in their spare time. But Miami, like any other city in a state with multiple soccer teams, probably has its fair share of Tampa Bay fans. Perhaps these people once lived in Tampa Bay and moved to Miami. Maybe they grew up watching Tampa Bay or know someone who played for them. Perhaps, they (gasp!) Would rather be a Buccaneer than a Dolphin. For Tampa Bay fans staying in the city of Miami, this article is one you’ll probably want to hack.

Every NFL team has its fair share of history and trivia. But, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have some of the most interesting trivia out there. Those who disagree will have to walk the table.

Kings of the South: Tampa Bay is the only NFC South team to prevail as Super Bowl Champions. Although Atlanta and Carolina have made it to the Super Bowl, they have yet to emerge victorious. New Orleans, at the other end of the spectrum, is one of the few teams to never make it to the championship.

The rich get richer: Buccaneers owner Malcolm Glazer also owns Manchester United, an England soccer team. Manchester United is considered the richest sports organization in the world.

UPS: The 1976 Buccaneers are the only team in modern NFL history to lose every game in a season. Since the NFL had a sixteen-game season in 1978, several teams have gone 1-15, but no one has gone 0-16. During the 1982 season, which was shortened by a strike, the Baltimore Colts were winless, but had a draw to accompany their eight losses.

It could go all the way … but it won’t: The Buccaneers are the only NFL team to never have scored a touchdown on a kickoff comeback during a regular season game, a feat that, through the start of the 2006 season, has been accomplished more than 1,700 times by others. equipment. The Bucs, however, have scored five touchdowns on kickoff returns during preseason games.

The curse of a pirate: No team that has lost a regular season game to Tampa Bay has won the Super Bowl. This, for its years of existence, is known as The curse of Tampa Bay and go after anyone who goes down to the Bucs before the end of the season.

The warm weather factor: Until the last game of the 2002 regular season, in which Tampa Bay defeated the Chicago Bears in Chicago, the Buccaneers had never won a game in which the temperature at the start was below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Before beating the Bears, the Bucs had lost the previous twenty games played in cold weather.

Being realisticNot only did the Bucs not do well in cold weather, they also didn’t do well playing on artificial turf. They once lost 27 games in a row played on artificial turf in outdoor stadiums. This losing streak spanned 15 years, from the 1980 season to the 1995 season.

Potato trainerTony Dungy, who recently led the Indianapolis Colts to a Super Bowl victory and previously served as the Buccaneers boss, has seen four people from his Tampa Bay coaching staff arrive as head coaches. Herman Edwards, Dungy’s assistant, coaches the Kansas City Chiefs; Rod Marinelli, Dungy’s defensive coach, coaches the Detroit Lions; Mike Tomlin, Dungy’s defensive coach, coaches the Pittsburgh Steelers; and Lovie Smith, a linebackers coach under Dungy, coaches the Chicago Bears. Former Buccaneers coaches most recently in the 2007 Super Bowl.

Tampa Bay may not be a team full of Super Bowl rings or hall of fame names, but it’s an interesting team, and some Miami fans can’t help but cheer … even if it’s done quietly.

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