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The Advantages of Living in a Shared Student Accommodation in London

Living in a Shared Student Accommodation in London

If you’re starting out in the big city of London this year, then you’ve got a lot to look forward to. It’s a place tailor-made for student life; from high tea in a quaint little cafe, to grabbing a pint with friends in the local pub. And while rent in the Old Smoke might be pricey, it can definitely be worth it when you’re enjoying a student experience to remember.

One of the most valuable experiences you can have while studying is learning to live in a shared flat. Moving straight from living at home can be daunting, so sharing a property is the perfect bridge between independence and full-on adulting. It means you can get the full uni experience, but with the support of housemates you’ll likely become friends for life.

You’ll find student accommodation london in the capital to suit all budgets, with en suite rooms starting from PS650 per week. These studios come complete with a compact double bed, study desk and storage space, as well as an ensuite bathroom and private kitchenette. Some student apartments also include utilities such as electricity, water and gas in the monthly rental cost, while others offer a la carte options for things like WiFi and insurance.

The Advantages of Living in a Shared Student Accommodation in London

There are so many advantages of living in a share, from the financial benefits to the social ones. Having a roommate will mean you don’t have to pay for all the bills and can afford a nicer apartment. But, it’s also a great way to meet new people and make sure you’re not alone in the big city.

The other advantage of sharing London student accommodation is that it can help you to get more exercise. You and your housemates can encourage each other to keep fit by running up that hill (if you’re feeling brave) or catching public transport for those impromptu shopping trips or a quick trip to the library. It’s also a good way to save on taxi fares!

Renting a private accommodation offers more freedom in terms of location and amenities, but it also comes with additional responsibilities, such as managing bills and maintenance. Websites and agencies specializing in student accommodation, such as SpareRoom or StudentTenant, can assist students in finding suitable private rented options.

Well-being and Green Spaces: Incorporating green spaces within student accommodation promotes student well-being. Access to gardens, outdoor seating areas, and exercise facilities allows students to relax, connect with nature, and engage in physical activities. These green spaces contribute to a healthy and vibrant living environment.

Apart from halls of residence, many universities in London offer university-managed housing off-campus. These are often houses or flats exclusively reserved for students and are managed by the university or a third-party agency. University-managed housing provides a balance between independence and support, as students have more autonomy in managing their space while still receiving assistance from the university if needed. This type of accommodation can be a good option for students who prefer a sense of community while having more control over their living environment.

Another benefit of living in a shared flat is that you’ll learn to manage your money better. There are plenty of tips and tricks for balancing your money, and having the support of your housemates will help you to make smart choices when it comes to spending your hard-earned cash.

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