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The Amazon Kindle: Change The Way You Read

I know, I know, I didn’t like the idea of ​​digital book readers, either. There is something great about opening a book and feeling the pages in your hand. Then a friend lent me his Amazon Kindle 2 for a trip he was taking, and let me tell you, all I needed was that one trip.

The size of the device is fantastic. It’s thin, it’s small, but not so small that the screen becomes impossible to read. The screen is really cool and allows you to see a whole page without straining. The screen resolution makes it very pleasant to use in sunlight, which is a complaint I’ve heard about some other eReaders. The sun just washes them. Not on the Kindle.

Since my friend had wisely chosen the global wireless version, I navigated to Project Gutenburg while in Spain and downloaded some items from the public domain. There was no need to go to the bookstore, just a five minute process, and I was on my way.

One standout feature of the Kindle is the battery life. I can literally go days without carrying this thing. I don’t know how they did it, but it’s a lifesaver on long plane rides or when you forgot your laptop and you can only charge it at an internet cafe (this is a painful story in itself, let’s move on).

This is not just for traveling abroad. Now I do 99% of my reading on my Kindle, even when I’m in America. Get one yourself and you may find yourself doing the same.

My Kindle has become one of my must-have travel items. I can’t go anywhere without one.

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