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The Billionaires “Lock N Load”

When it became public knowledge that billionaire Robert A. Baruger had drawn his last after a long battle with colon cancer, news of his death and a lengthy biography of his life were published in the New York Times and most from other American newspapers. Baruger’s immediate family was quickly informed. They consisted of two cold, greedy, immoral sons and their spoiled wives and six children attending elite boarding schools and colleges. The funeral was set for five days in a cemetery in the family section. before the will was revealed to the family. Baruger’s attorney then called next of kin for a reading of the will at the deceased’s mansion in the Hamptons of New York.

Several days later, at the appointed time and place, the two sons and their wives, with only one son, arrived at the mansion for the reading. They were greeted by the billionaire’s personal staff who offered their condolences. Everyone in the entrance hall but they were called to a meeting in the main hall. When they sat down, the brothers knew approximately what they would get from their father’s money, which was his billions for the exact same amount.

The attorney for the estate, Mr. G. Harwell, arrived fifteen minutes later with a black leather briefcase. He sat at a table in the back of the room and prepared the papers, especially the will that he was about to read. Harwell began the meeting with a general introduction to himself and a brief but unnecessary reason why he was there: to officiate at the reading of the will.

When the family was seated, Harwell began to read the will:
“If you’re listening to this, it means I’m dead. I. Robert A. Baruger, I have lived a stable and fortunate life and am blessed with much that life has offered me. Unfortunately, I have been disappointed in my family, two immoral sons , Robert and Stanley and their poor excuses for wives…”

The sons looked at each other with puzzled and angry looks on their faces. Their wives had smug looks on their faces.

“But I am proud of my servants who have been with me through thick and thin. They have been loyal and cared for me in times of dire need… That being said, I give each of Robert and Stanley a total of $ 1,000 each and the ten members of my local staff I give $10 billion to be divided equally between them. That is all I have to say. – Robert A. Baruger.”

The brothers looked at the lawyer for five minutes, silent, shocked and incredulous. The wives looked at each other with wide eyes. The next five minutes of screaming and screaming echoed throughout the mansion. “His servants of him. The yelling escalated substantially. They yelled obscenities at the attorney and cursed the staff for receiving” their “billions of dollars.

After the mix-up, when the entire family had left, the entire Baruger staff was invited into the living room and each was told that their employer’s will stated that they would receive billions of dollars. They all laughed because they couldn’t believe it. In fact, the attorney presented each of the received staff members with a check already made out to each of them for $1 billion per person. But they only looked at each other in disbelief when their eyes saw the amount. For the next half hour, they talked quietly and happily with each other. All of them admitted that they had been worried about what they would do to earn money after Mr. Baruger’s death. They assumed that most of them would leave and “dispersed to the winds”. They never expected to receive so much money.

Everyone wondered what they would do with their money. Most of them had worked for Baruger for more than twenty years and few wanted to leave their employer’s mansion; they felt at home there. Harwell stayed with them for a while to see if they had any questions about the will. Although everyone was excited about receiving a billion dollars, Harwell warned them that the two sons might try to sue them for the amount they were not receiving. But he told the staff not to be afraid of them because the will was really the testimony of his employer and was legally shielded. Still, the children could go to Harwell and claim that the will was false. In fact, seconds later, Harwell received a text message from the sons, stating that they “would stop at nothing to get back at ‘the attorney and staff’.”

Anxiety gripped Harwell, whose blood turned to ice, and he warned the staff about the message about what the children intended. The staff talked among themselves and decided to fortify their mansion with millions of dollars worth of surveillance and ammunition in case the sons decided to threaten them at the mansion. When the press learned that the employees who received most of Baruger’s money under the billionaire’s will, in addition to being threatened by the children, the news was covered in most American newspapers. It was also reported that the employees decided to stay in the mansion and defend it with “millions of dollars” worth of surveillance and ammunition surrounding the mansion, including sensors, video cameras, and many types and sizes of guns and rifles. In addition, the staff had installed electric fences and powerful tasers. According to the New York Times, Baruger’s staff had been given a name: “Lock N Load Billionaires.”

The only story that was not widely covered was that attorney Harwell asked the staff if he could live in the mansion with them as his own unprotected home was also threatened by Baruger’s children.

Needless to say, over time, the Baruger mansion became the most fortified in the nation.

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