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The pros and cons of using social bookmarking

Many people use their browser toolbar to save all the URLs of websites they want to visit at a later time. However, when they come across a really useful site and want to share it with others, they email all their friends to tell them about the site. Instead of having to email an entire address book, there’s a new trend in website sharing: social bookmarking.

social bookmarking

Using a social bookmarking service helps users save and tag their favorite sites. This is useful because the next time a user needs to find a particular bookmark, they can search for a tag word to find the website. Also, using a bookmarking service is useful for everyone online, since bookmarking is sharing information.


Dialing from a service is easy to use. Users never have to worry about having to be at their personal computer to access their favorites. The services allow access to bookmarks from any computer connected to the Internet.

Bookmarks are a great way to share your favorite bookmarks with family, friends, and colleagues. Especially in a work environment, the ability to collaborate on an important website becomes much easier from a bookmarking service where the URL of the website is already stored, ready to go.

Bookmarks do not have to be shared only with the user’s circle of acquaintances, but with a much broader audience. Users’ favorite website URLs are not only stored for everyone they know to see, but also for all online users to see. Users then comment and vote for their favorite bookmark. Now it also becomes a great marketing tool.

Disadvantages of social bookmarking

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to social bookmarking. One of the most common complaints is that there is no controlled vocabulary or subject headings. Sometimes the tags are misspelled or inappropriately labeled.

Another disadvantage is that there is no standardized structure, such as the use of singular or plural forms when labeling markers. There are no subject headings and sometimes some websites are not tagged at all. This can be particularly frustrating.

Advantages for a personal website

Personal websites are created for online users to view. However, the conundrum for every owner is how to attract more traffic to their website. Social bookmarking answers this question with its service. Users are more likely to trust a friend recommending a website than a search engine.

Personal websites will see an increase in link popularity when added to a bookmarking service. Search engines will discover the personal website link on the social bookmarking service, thereby increasing the popularity of the link.

Personal websites can also gain popularity if the owner connects with other website owners and promotes each other’s products. This is called cross social bookmarking.


Social bookmarking is a great way to share and store important or favorite website URLs with family, friends, colleagues, and the world.

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