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The rant of the tourism sector: “Vacationers are not criminals!”

The tourism industry is fed up with being seen as the only culprit.

When something is wrong, you have to find a culprit. And politicians and virologists are not going to blame themselves. So, it is towards the tourists that we turne.

Secretary General of the Upav (Professional Union of Travel Agents), Anne-Sophie Snyers is tired of seeing tourists and a whole sector taken to task at the slightest rebound of the virus. “Please stop trying to find the culprits in our area. Remember that it is the behavior in the face of the virus that matters, not where we are.”

An opinion that can be found on the side of Pierre Fivet, administrator and spokesperson for ABTO, the Belgian Association of Tour Operators. “Purely tourist travel has been very limited or non-existent compared to other years. The people who left are seen as criminals but that’s not very correct!”

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