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Tips for Buying Safe and Sterile Body Piercing Jewelry

Today, the trend towards body modification seems to be at its peak. You can see teenagers and young people roaming the streets flaunting beautiful jewelry on their pierced lips, nose, chin, or stretched eyebrows and earlobes.

Piercing and stretching are body modifications.

Different types of accessories are used for body modification and attractive jewelry is used to adorn the modified body parts.

As it is an extreme fashion, in which parts of the body are cut or infused and metallic jewelry is worn, the pieces of equipment that are used during the modification and the jewelry must both be of high-quality material.

There are many points to think about when opting for body modification and when shopping for body jewelry, which are outlined below:

Know which metals are safe. Ideal metals for drilling are implantation and stainless steel, titanium, niobium, and 14k or higher solid gold. You can also consider wearing jewelry made from acrylic, pyrex, plastics, and wood.

However, you need to be very careful when buying wood piercing jewelry, as there are high chances that it will react with the wound and increase the risk of allergies and reactions. Metals to AVOID are: sterling silver, copper, and nickel.

If you choose to stretch your earlobe, you may consider buying cheap ear gauges from a reputable seller or supplier.

However, you should ensure that the ear gauge wholesale supplier has ear gauge kits made from kosher materials. Safe and acceptable materials for ear lift kits are: stainless steel, titanium, acrylic, marble, etc.

Buy only the real piercing jewelry. The best way to avoid danger risks is to buy only real ornaments to adorn the modified parts of your body.

Never wear piercing jewelry worn by someone else.. If necessary, sterilize it well in the proper way.

Do not use oils and solutions not suggested to lubricate when stretching the earlobes. It can cause serious infection and injury during operation. Also, learn details and care tips from YouTube tutorials before stretching your earlobes.

Ask the piercer about the possible health risk.. For some people, the piercing can be dangerous. They cannot resist the pain that occurs during and after the operation. The pain of piercing and stretching the wound increases only from panic. And creating panic has a huge impact on your health. It also interrupts the operator, which can lead to serious errors. Also, due to severe pain, you may have a fever for a couple of days.

Check if your piercer has a sterilization device available at their facility.. When going to be pierced, you should ask the operator if there is a sterilization device available with them. If not, it will be better to visit some other piercing shop.

To evade infection and accident.You should only visit a professional and experienced piercer. They will do it the expert way, decreasing the chances of making mistakes.

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