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Tips from A to Z for School Bus Drivers: Handling Disruptive Students

A responsible and reliable school bus driver is dedicated to transporting students safely to and from school. However, part of this depends on the amount of self-discipline shown by student passengers. If students act chaotic and undisciplined on the school bus, transportation safety is in jeopardy and the driver’s competence is questionable. Therefore, to ensure the safety of students, the school bus driver must play an important role in their lives. A successful bus driver is willing to go beyond the responsibility of transporting students to and from.

Types of deviant behavior

The driver of a school bus may encounter a number of deviant behaviors among students, inappropriate language, verbal harassment, playing horse, getting up from the seat while the bus is in motion, throwing objects at others and out of the window, stealing belongings from other students, insubordination and displaying aggressive behavior towards fellow students. These are just a few examples of chaotic activity. Children left to themselves can become increasingly destructive. Therefore, that chaos must be avoided before students even think of representing them.

Establishment of bus rules and regulations

In order for a bus driver to take immediate control of his bus, he must establish rules and regulations immediately. On the first day of pickup and drop-off, you should clarify your expectations for each student cyclist without hesitation. Once students are aware of your expectations and your willingness to enforce them, they will typically think twice about misbehaving on the school bus. If you don’t have a school bus monitor, you need to be vigilant even while driving. You will need to look in your rearview mirror for potential rule breakers. A successful school bus driver is always aware of what is happening.

Coping with deviant behavior

Confront bad behavior instantly. Don’t let anything slip. Missing little minor incidents will only create bigger problems for everyone on the bus. Issue a warning no more than twice before threatening a direct phone call home. Your immediate response to rule violations determines whether or not a student will take your authority seriously. When students see you persistently enforcing school bus rules, many will abide by their expectations.

Showing strength of character

Furthermore, to successfully manage a school bus, the bus driver must have a strong character, refusing to give an inch to students who are hell-bent on making life miserable. Backing down from a student’s misconduct or allowing him to bully other students can ruin your reputation as a competent school bus administrator. Students will take their weakness as an opportunity to do whatever they want without repercussions. To avoid this, a school bus driver must make absolutely clear who is in control, without reservation.

Participate in effective communication

To take control of a school bus, the driver must be able to communicate effectively and connect often with his student passengers. You must be willing to do this because you don’t care because you are afraid of losing your job. Students seem to know if you really care about their well-being. If you are not sincere about the safety of your students, you will reap the consequences of disobedience and defiance as a school bus driver.

Develop a positive attitude towards students

Develop a positive attitude toward all students. When students know that you care about them, although some are very challenging, they will begin to respect you and your driving. Some bus drivers give incentives such as pencils and notebooks, as well as rewards and letters of excellent behavior to parents and teachers. Anything you can do to gain the confidence of students, do it. But never get angry and react unprofessionally towards children. This will only add fuel to the fire, resulting in frustration and confusion.

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