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Tokay Geckos as pets

If you plan to have a Tokay gecko as a pet, the first challenge you will encounter is knowing where and how to buy it. Geckos, specifically Tokays, are becoming a threatened species due to massive hunting. If you are in Asia, buying a healthy gecko can be easy and expensive. But if you live in the US or any western country, you may experience difficulty doing so.

So where can you buy geckos?

Online market

When buying geckos, the first thing you need to know is what type or species you want to buy. There are over 1,200 types of gecko in the world, and while they have similarities, they have their own unique characteristics and personalities. Tokay geckos, which are the most popular among the types that are on the verge of extinction, are typically found in Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. In these countries, the Tokays normally reside in tropical forests. Sometimes they even live in residential houses. So if you know an Asian friend, maybe you can seek help buying your own Tokay gecko. But transporting and selling Tokay geckos particularly in the Philippines (where Tokays are most abundant) is a prohibited act. To buy one, both the buyer and the seller must obtain a license.

If you reside in the United States or Europe, the easiest way to do this is the World Wide Web. A website called, for example, is one of the most popular online marketplaces for geckos. But before going to this site, make sure that you have obtained a license to buy Tokays. Otherwise they won’t entertain you. This website is a legitimate shopping center so it only deals with reputable sellers from Southeast Asia and international buyers. Prices vary and depend on the size, weight and condition of the Tokay. Wait for a higher bid for Tokays that the seller handled correctly. The giant Tokay (weighing 64 kg!) Found on the Indonesian island of Borneo allegedly cost $ 17 million. Yes, that is how high the price can be.

Local Breeders and Pet Stores

Sometimes it is really difficult to buy a gecko online because you don’t have a chance to see it for yourself until the moment you have already paid for it. If you don’t want to buy geckos on the internet, you can try searching for local breeders in your area. Surely there are people who, like you, also love geckos. The Tokay gecko industry is flourishing and due to the huge potential profits involved, many breeders or exotic animals are increasingly interested in breeding and raising Tokay geckos. You can also visit local pet stores. They may not have the geckos you are looking for, but they can provide you with references to find local breeders.

You can buy a small Tokay gecko for around $ 20. The price may go up depending on the factors we mentioned earlier. Before you start looking, be sure to educate yourself on the best way to tame and care for this wonderful creature. They are not toys that you can just throw away once you realize they are not for you. Caring for a pet, reptile or not, requires love, commitment, and responsibility.

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