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Top 10 moving mistakes

Moving can be a very stressful experience made worse by the little nuances that always have a habit of showing up. Whether you do it yourself or hire a mover, it’s important to do it right the first time to avoid time-consuming delays that ultimately cost you more money/time. Here is a breakdown of the most common moving mistakes:

1. Not packing items properly
If you choose to pack yourself, it’s important to remember the basics, like making sure your glassware, china, and dinnerware get the attention they deserve and are wrapped in protective bubble wrap. A common mistake is placing these items in an unsafe location in the rear of the vehicle; Always remember to place heavier items in the back to prevent their contents from being crushed during transport.

2. Not preparing the route
Even if you’re just moving down the street and using a moving company, it’s important to plan a route ahead of time, such as any necessary stops (especially if you’re moving a long distance) and also avoid heavily congested roads to avoid breaking your entire contents. ‘stop, start’ nature of traffic. Doing this avoids unnecessary time wasted by getting lost on the road, make sure all your drivers are aware of the route to avoid this common problem.

3. Hiring unlicensed contractors
If you hire a moving company, be sure to clarify their license, insurance, and bond status. The last thing you want in this stressful experience is an injured or happy worker on your hands with no one paying the cost!

4. Not organizing the order of the rooms
Having a basic strategy for removing your contents (even if you’re hiring a mover!) is critical to ensuring your move runs like clockwork. Although it is a very basic concept, just spending 5-15 minutes preparing it will save you a lot of time. Be sure to get your most important items out first (beds, kitchen equipment, toiletries, etc.) so that if you can’t finish the move that day, you can at least work for tomorrow!

5. Not using a dolly
While it’s a very simple piece of kit, every move is dead in the water without it. While preparing to move alone or even with a moving company, this basic tool is often forgotten. Be sure to plan ahead and save yourself a trip to the hospital!

6. Unrealistic schedule planning
When making your ‘moving plan’, always give yourself more time than you need. Remember that when you move, it is your body that is at stake if the loads are too heavy or you move too fast due to unrealistic programming. If you have to move out of a lease as soon as possible, try to extend the move-in two days before the deadline to give yourself plenty of breathing room in case the unexpected happens.

7. Stretch your back
Lifting heavy objects is a very dangerous task if not done correctly that can cause serious and irreparable damage to the spine. When lifting heavy objects, remember to squat down by bending your knees and lifting with your legs instead of your back. This simple procedure will save you from hurting yourself unnecessarily, the last thing you need.

8. Overestimate carrying capacity
Whether you use a moving company or not, it is important to find out the carrying capacity of the vehicle. Keep in mind that overloading the chassis will cause your vehicle to become unresponsive both in the engine and in other serious motion, whether from a breakdown or worse, a traffic accident.

9. Emphasize complicated maneuvers with furniture
Unnecessary moving around with furniture to accommodate rooms they weren’t prepared for beforehand will quickly become a time-consuming and frustrating experience for all parties involved. Remember: the simplest way is in all probability the simplest way!

10. Failing to measure doors and entry points
And lastly, be sure to measure all the doors you expect large items to pass through (you did your moving order plan, right?) as, again, this will waste unnecessary time and it’s always best to know ahead of time if that amazing ottoman will not work. fit into the new living room!

So, as you can see (as with anything), it’s best to be exceptionally anal when getting ready to move. Avoid spending more money on moving contractors and save some of your own time by planning ahead!

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