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Top 5 Swaddling Mistakes You Want To Avoid

The use of diapers has been shown to be beneficial not only for newborn babies, but also for parents. This practice makes babies calm and behave, requiring less attention; therefore, parents or babysitters are not scared or stressed. It makes the whole rearing process easier, especially for beginners.

Are you a new mom eager to swaddle your child but need guidance on how to swaddle correctly? Below are some of the wrapping mistakes some parents make for you to avoid.

Don’t wrap your babies in a blanket twice.

In other words, use only one blanket for swaddling and not two. Folding the blanket induces more heat which can be dangerous for your newborn’s body. Overheating has been specifically associated with sudden infant death syndrome. Look for signs like excessive sweating or wet hair. Fortunately, today there are swaddling blankets specifically designed to be comfortable and secure.

Do not use blankets to swaddle too tight or too loose.

Otherwise, the blanket can strangle your newborn or cause hip problems. A loose or tight-fitting blanket will also defeat the purpose of swaddling your child, as it does not hold your child securely but comfortably. So make sure you find one that fits your baby’s size perfectly. You can do this by getting your baby’s measurement first before buying one.

Don’t put your babies’ hands to the sides.

Doing this not only restricts the newborn’s movement, it can also lead to joint pain. To make your babies feel well protected and comfortable, put your hands on their heart. This makes them feel that they are in control of the situation; thus, making them calm and well-behaved.

Do not allow babies to sleep on their stomachs.

This position not only restricts air intake, but also induces overheating. Babies should be positioned comfortably, making sure they have good air circulation. Sleeping on your stomach can result in poor posture, so make sure you are lying on your back. You don’t want your baby to develop a hunchbacked posture.

Don’t swaddle your babies when they start rolling.

Babies naturally get to that stage where they like to roll or crawl. These are already great movements so your hands should be free at all times. Wrapping them may not be good at this stage as the blanket can strangle them as they know how to move big and wide. They might even know how to remove the wrap blanket. Most parents stop swaddling when their child reaches 5 or 6 months to make way for other motor developments.

Don’t wrap them all day.

Your babies need to develop other skills too, so give them the freedom to roam around the crib or bed at any time of the day. Let them feel their surroundings and see how they can use their body.

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