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Towards an EU health label for hotels, restaurants and tourist establishments

This approach, which will be discussed at the European summit on March 25 and 26, notably provides for the creation by the summer of a health label to be used, on a voluntary basis, by tourism, accommodation and catering establishments. .

The Commission asked CEN, the standardization organization, to develop this label in cooperation with these sectors and the Member States.

To help member states ease restrictions when the situation allows, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) is developing for April a digital level assessment tool reflecting the epidemiological situation in each member state, thus showing the leeway available.

The ECDC will also soon publish technical guidance on self-tests for Covid-19, which are starting to hit the markets.

Among other measures such as the sharing of tracing data in a supervised manner, recommendations published on Wednesday should facilitate the monitoring of wastewater in order to follow Covid-19 and its variants.

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