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Travel agencies want “clear outlook” for spring break

“I am stunned by these non-decisions. We have been on a plateau since mid-November in terms of figures. There was no more contamination after the Christmas holidays. People are fed up. A lot of them. sectors are at their wit’s end. The virus is there and we have to live with it. We have to adapt to continue to live and not be only in repression. In addition to that, we are waiting for aid that does not come “, Ms. Snyers explained.

The travel industry expresses its distress and wishes clarification as to the approach of spring break. “What should we plan for the Easter holidays? Let them tell us! We want a clear outlook! I am really very angry because, already, for the Carnival holidays, we had to reimburse customers who did not could not leave. The Easter holidays correspond to the start of the crisis last year, that means that vouchers are going to expire. If people cannot use them, we will have to pay them back. of 300 million euros and the state aid plan has not yet been validated “, underlined the secretary general of the UPAV.

The story is shared in Flanders, where the Flemish Association of Travel Agencies (VVR) has underlined its desire to have prospects for the spring break. She also regretted the extension of the ban on non-essential travel. “I had hoped that politicians would react to European complaints on this subject, but they continue to go against what Europe is asking for,” lamented VVR president Koen Van den Bosch.

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