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Try a new body at For Size with Future Pacing

Is losing weight what you want? Try the future beat to be sure

Imagine that you could put on your new body and try on the size, as if you were putting on a new suit.

1. Stand up and take a step forward. You leave the body you are in now and enter the new, closing everything around you. You are now one or two sizes smaller. How does it feel? Do you want to hang out? Are you choking, does it feel weird or uncomfortable?

2. If you don’t like the idea of ​​putting on your new body, imagine your new coat as a loose, draping fabric. Just stay there, in your new body, looking out.

3. Once you are fully immersed in this body, imagine yourself walking. Go about your daily business in this new body. Imagine yourself moving around, doing your usual activities. Are you moving more easily, feeling lighter? Do you have more energy? Are you a little stronger, healthier? Is this what you want?

Did you imagine your body as it could really be, or did you do a movie star stunt and imagine a body you can’t have, such as taller or shorter than you really are? Did you add someone else’s face? If so, it could be that you are not fully accepting yourself and who you are, so this is a good time to go back and tap using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) on those issues.

Until you discover yourself, you will not feel comfortable in any body, be it new and improved or the one you have now. That may be part of the reason you can’t seem to make a change and stick with it. There must be comfort within your own skin.

4. When you can fully and completely imagine yourself in the future, turn around and look back to see what steps you took to get here. (Yes, it’s imaginary, but so is pretty much everything you do to convince yourself of what you want.)

EFT helps self-image of future rhythm

All efforts to make a change run into emotional roadblocks, and EFT helps break them down. The goal of Future Pacing is to uncover those obstacles. Many times it is the other problems that happen in our daily lives that really undermine our efforts to lose some weight.

If you run into obstacles, fears, or worries, use the following to dissolve them and get back on track.

EFT Statements:

“Even though I can’t see myself in my goal, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I can’t imagine ever thinner, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Help yourself get comfortable with the “new you” and you’ll have a better chance of reaching that goal.

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