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Use of natural stone to enhance the dining experience

It is a serious problem in many hotels that offer the appeal of an entertaining nightlife. Customers come to play but they go to eat. It is not enough to serve tasty dishes, smart hotels must also provide the right atmosphere. After all, “atmosphere is everything.” Lodging establishments looking to retain their customers’ appetites and wallets only need to look to a trendy New Jersey hotel / resort for the answer.

In July 2003, the most resplendent adornment on the Atlantic City scene was unveiled; The Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa. Like a peacock among pigeons, this luxurious Northeast landmark has been elegantly erected in full plumage, welcoming visitors from all over the world. Boardwalk or bayside, The Borgata offers a different experience to any of its new neighbors. But after adding a group of 5-star restaurants, there was a need to improve the dining experience for these fine restaurants and other entertainment areas. The answer was set in stone. The decision was made to hire several high-profile design teams to implement natural stone floors, walls, service counters, kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities. From an aesthetic perspective, the use of natural stone for walls and floors would significantly increase the beauty and prestige of the restaurants, and offer a dining experience like no other in the city.

Unique materials

To complete this project, the design teams first had to source no fewer than 20 different types of rare stones, including Calacatta marble combined with books, Azul Macauba marble wall panels, chiseled and flamed Pompeii granite, lava stone, and mosaics. personalized, among others. . To meet this need, the stones were imported from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Chile and China. The project also required 20,000 square feet of stone.


Regarding design, working with stone or any natural material can become a challenge. The colors and patterns are completely unique from stone to stone. For those looking for a wealth of style and color options, working with a company that has access to quarries in various parts of the world is paramount.

A walk to one of the restaurants reveals the brown brown granite and white Arabescato marble elegantly bathing both the floor and the wall, creating an impeccably epicurean dining environment. In another restaurant, the floors are made of chiseled and flamed Pompeii granite and the bathroom walls are lined with an elaborate and very rare custom ceramic and wood mosaic.

The way to elegance

Borgata’s decision to incorporate the beauty and elegance of natural stone to enhance the aesthetic ambience pays off over time, with greater and more relevant patronage, and also goes a long way toward strengthening the integrity of the brand. Natural stone is a unique design material because it is exotic, malleable, and most of all, mysterious. Its cool surface can be polished in various ways to give different interpretations of its character and composition. Because of these simple facts, it has been, and always will be, associated with high-level experience.

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