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Volunteering for High School Students: A Key to Effective College Planning

Whether you or your high school senior know which college you want to attend for your sophomore year, it’s still an important time to start planning for a successful college future—that is, if college is where you’re likely to go. College planning for high schoolers may seem pretty early, and honestly, most of your peers will pay much more attention to dating and other parts of your social life, but college planning for high schoolers is the key. That, if you don’t put your son or daughter way above and ahead of the competition, will be your ticket to the acceptance letter from the school of your choice.

Your teen may have no idea where they want to go to college, what they want to do with their career, and quite possibly even have plans to go to college. But from personal experience, all of this can change dramatically closer to or even after high school graduation, and it’s always best to be safe and prepare for this possibility that the high school student decides to pursue a college education and some type of career. . .

Putting too much pressure on your teen when it comes to thinking about and preparing for college in high school and later life is not recommended, too much pressure can be an irritating turnoff and a catalyst for rebellion. But if you have any influence over a child or children, whether they’re your own biological children or maybe even the students you teach or accompany in one way or another, it would really help students in the long run if you incorporate some simple preconceptions . – “High School College Prep” techniques in their lives and curriculum. These methods would be most beneficial if the teachers, youth group leader, or other members of adult authority were the ones trying to educate and encourage the student to be interested in preparing for college in high school, but if the parents can generate enough respect and influence. in that area with their teenagers, they can also be successful in their effectiveness. And while your student may act unhappy, uninterested, and maybe even resentful of your pressure on their high school college prep so early, later on (sometimes even many years later) they will surely be grateful for your concern and also for your support. opportunity it brings into their lives.

An important and useful way to not only prepare a high school student for college, but also increase the likelihood that the student will get into the college of their choice and be successful in their time there and after, in the career path they choose to take, is through volunteering in high school. .

These days many schools, particularly private schools, require a set number of community service hours to graduate from high school, but from experience the rule isn’t too strict and if you know the right people in the right position of supposed authority, it’s pretty easy to get that high school volunteer test signature without actually doing a lot of work. When you’re younger, volunteering for high school students will most likely seem boring and socially intrusive to many high school students, but that doesn’t have to be the case. If volunteer work for high school students is really covered, the student, instead of choosing a random and boring place to work at the end of the semester, as a last resort, should really think about where they would like to do. volunteer work for high school students Although not required, it is recommended that parents, teachers, or guidance counselors encourage and assist in the process of choosing a place to volunteer. Consider the student’s hobbies, which is more fun maybe have the student make a list of jobs they would like to work if something were possible and then use that list of interests as a base to try to find something slightly similar that they can try for fun with little commitment, through volunteering for high school students, to see what a certain job would be like. One might be extremely surprised by potential volunteer opportunities that actually mimic a particular job in that industry, so that often in just a couple of weeks the student volunteer will have a good idea of ​​what it would be like to work in that industry and plus, whether or not it’s still what they think it might be for them. If they really like it, they are likely to excel in this volunteer job for high school students and it is not uncommon for a volunteer to impress their employee so much with their passion for education and hard work that they envision a great potential future employee and offer the person has a job after graduation.

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