“We have significant defensive stability, we press as a team”: the reactions of Courtois, De Bruyne and Ramos after the victories of City and Real

Sergio ramos “We achieved the goal. We didn’t think about the first leg, despite the advantage. We dominated and controlled the game. We could have scored more goals but I’m happy with the result and the qualification. L ‘Atalanta got us in trouble, we were uncertain how they were going to play. They could do damage with their speed up front but the three back system paid off. ”

Thibaut Courtois “Ramos is our captain, he is important to us. Without him we still managed to win games but we are obviously happy with his return. We had a good game defensively tonight even if it is a shame to take it. I have no preference for the next round. It will be difficult but we will have to play well. “

Kevin De Bruyne “I don’t care being the man of the match. What matters is victory. G√ľndogan is an incredible player, I know him well. He is very important to us and scores a lot of goals. All three , last four seasons, we made a lot less mistakes. We have an important defensive stability, we press as a team. It is very important to keep the zero behind because it is only necessary to score one or two goals to win the match.”

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